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Malaysia is a pariah nation? Yes, it is for me.

In Paypal, Malaysian account holders are not allowed to convert money from one currency to another currency.

In eNom, Malaysia credit cards and IPs are rejected.

The reputation of Malaysian finance and banking system is so bad until many foreign companies have to restrict Malaysians from using their services.

How do I convert my PayPal balance to a different currency?

You can convert some or all of your PayPal balance from one currency to another currency.

We’re introducing a new and improved Profile to some customers. Until all customers are using the new Profile, there are 2 sets of instructions on how to do this. Please follow the instructions that match what you see on the site.

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Profile at the top of the page.
Click My money, and then click Currencies.
Enter the amount you want to convert under the Currency Exchange column.
Choose the new currency.
Click Calculate to preview the conversion.
Click Review Exchange to see the conversion details.
Click Exchange Currency to confirm the transfer.

Note: Currency conversions are not available for PayPal accounts in Argentina, Brazil, and Malaysia.

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Venki says:

Watch this for your answer:

Grace says:

Good video and relevant for all new voters to watch.
Can always count on readers of this blog to provide good info and link.

JH says:

Agreed that nkkhoo readers have been providing good links. Taht is why I am relying a lot of the rebutal from the readers to get a more balanced and complete picture.

tipu tipu says:

nkkhoo may be like a typical voter in Msia who shall ensure BN continue to govern the taxpayers’ money because :
a) for state seat he opts for MCA because Pakatan folks never entertain his town issues.
b) for parliment seat he is indecisive 50-50 hence void his ballot for there is no 3rd force candidate.

Jat says:


quah says:

yes agree with dennis. nkkhoo will only be frustrated every year in his posting as long as the corrupted regime continues to disctate the nation.

dennis says:

You can continue with your ranting so long as BN is in power. ABU is the way.