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Let us celebrate for having another world record

Thank to internet, otherwise you have to dig out Malaysia Boleh record from the Lincoln library in USA embassy. I did visit the US embassy when I was a university student to read banned magazines.

Mahathir is the wealthiest man in Malaysia is well known to the world since 80s. Only Taib family can challenge his position.

Now you shall have answer why Malaysia is second in black money outflow in 2010. The 2011 and 2012 figures will be more shocking!

Mahathir and BN politicians’ main worry is the change of government which will dig out and expose their corruption and confiscate their money subsequently.

Mahathir data is often deleted by cybertroppers. These are codes used in

||[[Mahathir Muhammad]]||[[Prime Minister of Malaysia]]||1981–2003||$44 billion (2012)[, Marcos, Mubarak & Mahathir – Who’s The Richest Man?].||{{flag|Malaysia}}


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Yazid says:

Che Det pernah kata dalam blog (13 Jun 2012) dia tak rasuah:

– I have not taken anything that is not mine. In fact all gifts given to me, many very valuable, have been given to the Government including a score of expensive cars. They can be seen in Langkawi or at the old PM’s house in KL. I must admit that I ate some of the fruits given me to prevent them from going bad.

– I had not allowed my children to do business with the Government or to be candidates in elections though they have been offered several times when I was PM and President of Umno. Only after I stepped down did I allow Mukhriz to contest.

– Whatever money I now have is from savings during 29 years in the Government. My salaries were not big. But the Government took care of my housing, water and electricity, my travels. I don’t even spend much on food as I get invitations to functions like weddings etc.

– I was therefore able to save my pay and allowances.

– Except for Mirzan, my children did not get any scholarships. I believe Mirzan paid back what he owed MARA. He had the scholarship before I became a Minister, in fact when I was expelled from UMNO.

– I have bought or been given no shares except for 200 Malayan Tobacco shares I bought long before I joined the Government. Other shares are the Unit Trusts issued by PNB and State Governments which I was obliged to buy. I own shares in MICO pharmacy in Alor Star which I set up when I was a private practitioner.

– I am not interested in getting rich or living a life of luxury. What I have now is far more than I had hoped for when I was dreaming as a student. I am grateful to Allah for what I have and for sparing me to live this long.

– I am ready to go when my time comes. I am conscious that all that I have will not accompany me to the grave.

– But for as long as I can I will work hard to prevent evil people and crooks from destroying this country that I love.

nkkhoo says:

Who is the owner for vehicle insurance online payment system we used before we are allowed to renew road tax?

Mac Davis says:

The accumulated wealth of Mahathir is US$44 billion (more than RM132 billion) and he himself did not deny.

Read more here:

Venki says:

The Real Dilemma Dr. M has created for the Malays:

1) the utterly corrupt political social and business life style which have seriously undermined positive aspects of Malay
cultural values

2) being conditioned to be dependent on free government favoured handouts and subsidies provided from overtaxing non-bumiputras and plundering the natural resources under the NEP

3) the institutionalisation of the UMNO Malay supremacist/religious mentality. In order to achieve this supremacy Mahathir deliberately engineered the invasions of illegals into the 3 countries in Malaysia being Malaya Sabah and Sarawak

4) the Malay supremacist idea will lead to the disappearance of the Malay who will find themselves overwhelmed by the illegals who already replaced them in employment and will later be given their land as rewards for electing UMNO back in power via the phantom voting system.

5) The UMNO education system is designed to keep the Malay masses as a poorly educated and misguided people who have been fed a jumbled confused diet of ideas and beliefs and the inability to think independently and logically.

Manja says:

Nabib baik saya dapat baca kat sini.
Utusan dan BH tak lapur langsung!

Macam mana dia dapat duit sedemikian banyak kalau bukan rasuah?
Mari pikirlah sendiri!

Mac Davis says:

Biggest joke today is Najib asking MACC to screen BN election candidates.

Hex says:

Wikileak will reveal more next year.
Mahathir must be praying hard now.

Rajesh says:

Good reason for us to change government.

Taiwan has done it to their president who embezzled public fund.
Eqypt has done it with Mubarak.

We can recover those ill-gotten gain of Mahathir family to help the poor in the country.

We should spread the words.

Well done, nkkhoo on this matter!

Purdeep says:

nkkhoo may be listed in next Ops Lalang for going against the old man ?
anyway cannot sweep the dirts under the carpet, right ?

azeer says:

tun m is trying 2M (Muhidin & Mukriz) approach tp oust Najib?
that is hot on internet now.

Jat says:

Yes, now pdrm is monitoring bloggers