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Lim Guan Eng's private army went amok

The Guang Ming reporter showed his police report and camera damaged by the PPS member.

The Guang Ming reporter showed his police report and camera damaged by the PPS member.

A Chinese newspaper reporter was brought to Penang state sponsored PPS (a private army?) office and beaten up after a member of PPS accused the reporter took his photo without consent.

The political secretary of LGE apologized to the reporter and freezed the Keramat PPS branch with immediate effect after the incident.

This action is not enough, LGE and state government have to bring the attacker to justice and compensate the reporter.

More important is how to prevent PPS private army takes the law into their hands.

二零一二年十二月三十日 下午五时二十九分



被载到巡逻队中心 记者上当挨10拳

无 论如何,槟州首长政治秘书黄伟益州议员在事后,于凌晨赶到警局了解情况,并代表州政府向洪健翔致歉,同时宣布冻结该分队的活动及展开调查,若证实队员身份 将马上开除会籍。洪健翔在事后已负伤报案。涉案分队是柑仔园州选区的分队之一,该区州议员佳日星律师目前人在外国,不过他已接获通知。


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Mojo says:

Penyokong BN Belasah Pasukan Polis Di Melaka.

Penyokong/Pemuda BN dan UMNO memukul polis dan mengamok sebarangan kerana PDRM meminta mereka bertenang dan tidak mencetuskan provokasi. Mereka juga baling batu ke arah polis.

Kenapa TV3 tak tayang?

纸评 says:


Jenson T says:

according hotly watched astro AEC Fri 11pm current affairs show, majority of newly registerd voters are chinese. Chinese now account for 30% of official (phantom aside) voters. 80% chinese favours Pakatan (5% like nkkhoo sitting on the fence, 15% for Chua CD alikes) so expect more commotion when ceramah in Johor from now on.

nkkhoo says:

At least 30% Chinese are fence sitters with no political affiliation.

How many MCA members? 1 million

How many DAP Chinese member? 100,000

How many PKR Chinese member? 50,000

Another 5 million Chinese are not political members to any party.

Don’t syiok sendiri to believe your leader is a semi-god.

Lim Kit Siang knows very well that the huge number of audience in the political rally does not mean these people will vote the party.

bhaskar says:

Do not discount the possibility that this guy is planted by Gerakan Penang.

My friend has told me that the hair saloon in KB Mall in Kelantan is actually a MCA supporter, therefore MCA used it to its advantage.

nkkhoo says:

Another LGE’s copycat, blame others for blunders make by him.

Han JY says:

Pakatan need to have formidable bodyguards to protection against the thugs from Umno and Samseng from MCA. So BN can no longer use its bullying tactics, so it used its media like sin chew to discredit Pakatan.

nkkhoo says:

LGE is more gentleman unlike you, he apologized and visited the victim.

People like you are harmful to PR. BN should thank you for your gangsterism mindset.

raj says:

Seems like such action is legal in BN.

nkkhoo says:

Are you following BN thugs?

raj says:

I thought you chinese uses poison to counter poison?

nkkhoo says:

Confucius had never encouraged an eye to an eye revenge culture.

This is main reason Mainland Chinese have forgiven Japanese war crime and stupidly to waive all war compensation demand in 1972.

May be foreign culture imparts such value in Penang Chinese.

Venki says:

I don’t think the mainland China has forgotten or forgiven the war crime by the Japanese on Nanjing Massacre. That’s why they are preparing to go to war with the Japanese over the Tiao-Yu island.

The chinese in penang has long awakened, unlike their counterparts in southern Johor who are busy making money in singapore or from Singapore and are ignorant of local political woes. But I heard the wave of tsunami politik has finally reached them because of the issues surrounding Pengerang, Bentong and Raub. That is why MCA is resorting to mega dinners in Johor.

nkkhoo says:

The China government signed the treaty with Japan officially in 1972 to waive war compensation.

Japanese see such treaty is a forgiven to them to kill Chinese.

Almost all conscious people in China hated their government for signing 1972 treaty with Japan.

You are too naive to believe Penang Chinese is loyal to DAP. Penang Chinese can kick out any party without mercy if you followed DAP’s Tanjung 1 to 4 election campaigns.

Lim Kit Siang almost painted when he was defected by Kor in his Tanjung 4 campaign.

Raja Drift says:

People outside Penang got brainwashed to hate LGE so as to put kroni back berkuasa.
Nkkhoo in a way helps to sow the LGE hatred seeds championed by Utusan Kroni.

nkkhoo says:

That idiot is worst than Perkasa and pro-UMNO blogger. I never read his f blog from day one. Even Malaysiakini is too shame to publish his writings.

I afraid of this idiot who has no brain to debate with intelligence except cursing anyone disagrees with him? I know how to fuck like him if I wanted to degrade my intelligence.

You pray him like a hero because you are same stock like him.

hf tan says:

only Sultan Johor is entitiled to have Private Army.

nkkhoo says:

The blue shirt unit seems is more powerful than Johor sultan’s private army.

hf tan says:

sinchew got to have balanced reporting and nkkhoo picked up to amplify his agenda against LGE. Tomorrow sinchew report on cd chua’s latest spat with Ong TK and I wonder nkkhoo can enlighten us on the tussles ???

nkkhoo says:

When Sin Chew said one or two bad things against LGE, he barked like a mad dog. Now you praise Sin Chew has balanced reporting against PR. 🙂