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Claim your money under BR1M 2.0

eBR1M online application

If you are qualified for the “free” money scheme, take 5 minutes to register it online. Whether you take it or not, BN government will take it back after GE 13 via VAT Sales tax.

The main objective is to boost up domestic consumption with extra three billion RM free money circulation.

If 300 billion USD black money is still circulated in the country, Malaysia GDP annual growth will be at least 8%.

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鄉販 says:


Venki says:

Those getting money from BR1M are actually providing BN with a good database to conduct ‘lawatan audit’ at your home to check on your income status and your contribution (or lack of contribution) to income tax.

Kuanqiao says:

Many chinese businessmen (not connected with MCA) operating small business already been visited by tax auditors. My friend doing computer repair was slapped with RM2000 additional income tax when thr auditors paid his shop a visit for 4 hours. The auditors came prepared with information on his car purchase record! No discount given although offer for installment payment id given.

鄉販 says:

这是BR1M资金来源! 劫富扶贫? 你会为此缴出更多的税!!!

raj says:

Take the money but vote for Pakatan, becos what you are getting will be less than you will be paying to gst later. That is the janji of bn for you.

Raja Drift says:

boost consumption to feed the cronies empire.
even when you surf you are paying more to cronies (tm etc) while nkkhoo’s hard work receive peanuts from advertisers.