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Third world maintenance culture


The same NO regular maintenance excuse is used repeatedly after a disaster in Malaysia, yet the same disaster will happen again and again.

I remember no development is allowed for slope with more than 45 degree after Highlands Tower incident and the ban is clearly opened up for luxury bungalows for VIPs in Bukit Setiawangsa.

Vital to have regular maintenance of slope, says expert

Vital to have regular maintenance of slope, says expert

PETALING JAYA: It is safe to stay above an anchored slope but regular maintenance is required to ensure the slope’s safety, said engineer and geo-technical consultant Dr Gue See Sew.

He said such slope would be safe if it was maintained every six months.

“An anchored slope is used for steep slopes that is strengthened by ground anchors in the rock or soil behind it. The anchors need to be restressed (tightening the anchor) consistently to maintain the carrying capacity of the ground anchors.

“If the carrying capacity is reduced without re-stressing, the safety of the slope is reduced in time. This is when landslides can occur,” he said yesterday.

Dr Gue, who is past president of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and Fellow of Academy of Sciences Malaysia, said anchored slopes were sometimes used at highways when there was a dedicated team to conduct the necessary maintenance.

“Anchored slopes are usually not used for hillside development for residential, commercial and resorts now due to the regular maintenance needed,” he said.

Dr Gue, who is from G&P Professionals Sdn Bhd, added that a passive system would involve the use of soil nail slope, whereby minimal maintenance is required such as cleaning the drainage and checking of cracks.

On the issue of the wall collapse in the Bukit Setiawangsa area, Dr Gue, who visited the site on Sunday, said he did not attribute the cause of the landslide to a water drainage problem.

“I found that the water was flowing away from the slope. However, a detailed investigation should be conducted on the wall’s failure,” he said.

Meanwhile, IEM Geotechnical Engineering Technical Division chairman Liew Shaw Shon said if the areas with anchored slope had been designed with proper design practices and executed with good construction practices under supervision of a slope designer, there was no problem for buildings or structures to be built over it.

However, he said the use of prestressing ground anchors for residential development were losing favour worldwide while it was discouraged by the local authorities due to the high maintenance needed.

“According to CERUN 1( Guidelines on Slope Maintenance in Malaysia) published by Slope Unit of the Public Works Department, inspection for high risk slopes must be conducted at least once a year,” he said.

“If there are no specific design life requirements, normal design life span for the slope is 50 years with proper maintenance as specified in codes of practice,” he said.

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Manja says:

nkkhoo ingat audit lYNAS macam audit ISO procedures ?
Lynas itu di laksanakan dengan $$$$$ tanpa hirau keselamatan jangka panjang.

JH says:

Yes, one should not be too naive to belive in the spinned tales from The Star and NST.

Raja Drift says:

Pak Samad truly reflects the current sad state of mantenance in Malaysia through his though provoking poem below :

Di uzur lidah tahunan ini, tidak terdengarkah kita
geletar tanah yang tersangat resah—secara cekal,
penuh ranggi memarah—goncang alam membantah?
Usah kita berdusta lagi walau demi faedah diri;
juga usah pepura tidak lagi mendengar pesan ngeri;
atau tidak pun terhidu bau cebisan nahas nadir bumi,
atau tidak terasa kencangnya bayu yang ngeri;
tidak terlihat kelibat unggas teramat pilu dan sepi
membantah dan berontak segeram gunung berapi.
Bisik pohon, deru angin, gegar laut, gunung dingin:
kita tidak waras lagi jadi insan kerana bersedia
segila melerai tanah, meracun air, mencemar udara.
Kita mungkin tidak terlihat lagi rerumput mekar,
menyaksi kawanan unggas di angkasa, ikan di laut,
serangga dalam tanah, aneka hewan di atasnya.
Kita akan sering terserempak kerangka biawak,
tetulang tupai, bebangkai paus dan tetaring gajah;
kita bakal terasa gerak leraian tanah luar biasa.
Kita akan hanya terserempak kijang dan pelanduk
dalam sepihan mimpi dan igau yang terlalu buruk,
kita semakin dicekau luka lara yang paling teruk.
Di tahun mendatang ini, sebaik mentari menjelang,
kita akan lebih tersedu mewariskan bumi gersang
kepada cucicit yang terhasak, terdesak dan malang.
Di buku harian mereka tumpah dakwat berdarah.
Kita akan pasti disumpah, jika sejak kini dan bebila,
tidak menentang haloba dan kekejaman manusia.

– Pak A Samad Said

raj says:

I am quite worried such calamity may one day happen at Lynas plant due to tidak apa mentality in maintenance, causing radiation risks. We know all the best safety procedures are of no use if they are not adhered to due to corruption and malpractice.

nkkhoo says:

That why I have asked an independent audit team to inspect the Lynas plant regularly.

raj says:

I doubt there is anything independent under BN. Just look at the royal inquiry on the TBH case. With $£€¥ you can influence the auditors you engaged to serve your agenda.

nkkhoo says:

Independent means the members are from various parties unlike the Royal Commission. Green Himpunan should be included in the audit team.

Most royal commissions are professional except a few appointed under Najib administration.

Venki says:

Unfortunately the term ‘Indpendent’ is defined by BN with their own criteria to suit their agenda.

Raja Drift says:

Sudahlah dengan apa-apa audit ! tengok apa guna bila Ryal Commision tak ada kesan positif langsung.

Ernie says:

Stadium in Trengganu also collapsed with or without audit.
Also true cause of collapse also not made known to public.
Same fate awaits Lynas plant?
No need high education to be worried.

Raja Drift says:

dont need maintenance. satu lagi projek then can sapu more!
stadium collapse no issue. tutup satu mata !
Budaya like this after 55 years merdeka ? So ABU for the nation survival.
nkkhoo better think hard before voting all these cronies.

nkkhoo says:

My question is why rakyat voted in BN for last 55 years?

Because the alternative is more suck than BN. Don’t blame rakyat, PR opposition themselves have to review why they are rejected by rakyat.

Raja Drift says:

alternatif more suck ?
saya ingat you baca media nasional terlampau sangat.
Buka mata bila di mana mana pun orang dah muak sama dacing…. u pernak balik Muar akhir akhir ini say percaya rakyat jelata inginkan pembaharuan yang bawa jkehidupan yang lebih selesa seperti tol yang berpatutan dan internet speed yang lebih canggih !

nkkhoo says:

The vote in the polling station counts, not your hearsay.