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Malaysia is first country in South East Asia connected to internet, but its present status is pathethic

Malaysia connected to internet in 1993 via Jaring, the first in South East Asia and also among the few in Asia.

Sadly to say the present internet connectivity speed in Malaysia is at the bottom in South East Asia.

Malaysia is in the bottom top 10 in Google download speed benchmarking survey for 50 countries. The funny thing is Singapore is also in the bottom 10 for mobile downloading speed, but let wait and see how Singapore improving its internet mobile infrastructure in next 3 years.

Kiasuland seems is complacent also after attaining the richest nation status in the world.

China and Vietnam are well above Malaysia in desktop and mobile internet performamce.


Top 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)
Slovak Republic (3.3)
South Korea (3.5)
Czech Republic (3.7)
Netherlands (3.9)
Japan (4)
Denmark (4.3)
Switzerland (4.3)
Sweden (4.5)
Belgium (4.6)
Norway (4.8)

Bottom 10 in Desktop Speeds (in seconds)
Chile (10)
Colombia (10.2)
Peru (11.7)
Brazil (11.8)
Argentina (12.8)
Malaysia (14.3)
Venezuela (14.9)
India (15.1)
Philippines (15.4)
Indonesia (20.3)

Top 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
South Korea (4.8)
Denmark (5.2)
Hong Kong (5.9)
Norway (6)
Sweden (6.1)
Estonia (6.2)
Czech Republic (6.3)
Japan (6.4)
Romania (7.5)
Slovak Republic (7.6)

Bottom 10 in Mobile Speeds (in seconds)
Malaysia (12.7)
Indonesia (12.9)
Singapore (12.9)
Mexico (14.1)
Brazil (15.8)
Argentina (16.3)
India (16.4)
Thailand (17.4)
Saudi Arabia (21.2)
United Arab Emirates (26.7)

Internet turns 30, parties like an 18 year old

By Swapnil Mathur

The Internet, the last bastion of free speech, the ocean of all knowledge and the one-stop shop for all kinds of fun today turns 30 – and it is looking really good for a 30 year old!

The Internet found its beginnings as Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) when it switched over from using Network Control Protocol to TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol).

History notes that this change was not easy, as many operators resisted going from an already working system to something that was just a “standard” in text. It is said that one day, the admins of ARPANET just flipped the switch, turning off all of NCP for a day or so to get people to switch over to TCP/IP.

With those humble beginnings, the Internet has grown into an entity that is now an integral part of everyone’s lives. While it may be entirely possible to live a day or two without the internet, it is hard to imagine a life without it.

Everything from entertainment to hardcore businesses rely on the Internet as a gateway to achieving the required result. Not to mention the tons of laughter the internet provides. If a worldwide calamity did occur that took out the internet, we might as well just prepare for the dark ages once again.

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JH says:

Telcos deliberately made it slow so that you do not download movies, watch online videos and want you to pay higher to enjoy such perks.

I only read news on teh web, so I should not subsidise those cheapskate people who cannot subscribe to Astro but watch free on

nkkhoo says:

Videos are number one application in all countries, why other countries have no problem of slow internet issue?

You are sponsoring BN by subscribing Astro, you are a true cheapskate. Anandan donated few hundred millions to BN for election campaign funds via profits from Astro, Maxis, etc.

Ernie says:

When you watch on you are helping its owner (Umno) to justify more revenue from its advertisers. indirectly you are contributing money to its war chest. Everything in Malaysia already sapu by Umno cronies, only way is to exercise our vote to make the change.

other countries has no slow internet issue when it comes to video streaming because their telcos are unlike ours that are milking profits unfairly from its subscribers. I think that is what JH is trying to say.

nkkhoo says:

I did not think I misquote him who propagated that slow internet in Bodohland is due to video streaming, a silly excuse I dismised.

Blocking porno videos will release 1/3 of bandwidth in worldwide. Other countries have added more backbone lines to compensate porno streaming.

Tonton has lesser ad than news in the TV stations, use your math to check which option is bad to UMNO cronies.

Only air is not yet controlled by UMNO cronies, you cannot escape from using service from them.

bhaskar says:

why watch video on internet when you can get porno DVDs easily?

nkkhoo says:

BN provides free porno DVDs for you?

Or you do not know how to download porn videos from internet like many older generations?

Raja Drift says:

Alasan telco untuk mengurangkan bandwidth ialah kerana kebanyakan pengguna internet download banyak kandungan seperti tengok movies ataupun k-pop.
saya naik darah bila bayar banyak dapat speed cukup lemah !!!!

Semua orang patut boycott Telco satu bulan tak surf internet untuk ajar Telco yang tamak.

Venki says:

The telcos are all bn-crony-linked to squueze money from consumers.
They spent too much money on advertisement!

Raja Drift says:

you know why ? sebabb semua mau sapu punya kroni menjadikan internet pricing/package tak competitive ! Yang pedih orang Malaysia boleh ACCEPT ini punya corruption ! ABU is the only way out !!!!!