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A litmus test for Najib's promise to allow protest held in the Merdeka stadium


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KL Police chief asked the organizer to shift the venue to Bukit Jalil at eleventh hour by saying Merdeka Stadium is not big enough for one million protesters.

Bukit Jalil stadium capacity is about 80,000, still far short of 1 million figure.  Kuala Lumpur police chief must fail in mathematics like many other policemen.

Only Merderka square is big enough to accommodate 1 million people.

PR’s Himpunan Kabangkitan Rakyat is approved to be held in Merdeka Stadium.

I shun the rally because of my health and also too sicken to see Green Perkasa in the rally.

Thumb up for PAS to organize peaceful protest by following the law enacted in the Parliament unlike those lawless Perkasa and Green Himpunan.

PAS has submitted application to have a peaceful gathering in Merdeka Stadium with more than 10-day advanced notice to police and DBKL.

Now the ball is in Najib’s hand to keep his promise for any party to use Merdeka Stadium for indoor peaceful gatherings.

Pakatan to ensure Jan 12 rally is peaceful

Radzi Razak

PETALING JAYA (Jan 2, 2013): Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will ensure the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People’s Uprising Rally) planned for Jan 12 at Stadium Merdeka is held peacefully.

Rally director Mohamad Sabu said PR will adhere to the spirit of the Peaceful Assembly Act by working with the police to make sure the event runs smoothly.

“Pakatan leaders will communicate with Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar. The rally secretariat will also meet with the Kuala Lumpur police chief to better coordinate the running of the rally,” he told a press conference at the PKR headquarters today.

Also present were DAP’s Pakatan Rakyat bureau chief Datuk Teng Chang Khim, PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and rally coordinator Hishamuddin Rais.

Mohamad, who is also PAS deputy president, said several pre-rally events organised in all states showed no untoward incidents and ran peacefully with full cooperation from the police and organisers.

The first pre-rally event was held in Seremban on Nov 3 and the last one was in Perlis on Dec 17.

“However, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has not yet replied to our application to use Stadium Merdeka as venue although we have sent our letter on Dec 26,” he said.

On another matter, Saifuddin claimed restrictions imposed by the Election Commission (EC) on several NGOs appointed to monitor the next general election are unfair and should not be allowed.

“Among the restrictions are that the NGOs are not allowed to be present when the votes are being tallied, or talk to polling agents.

“They cannot take pictures of any wrongdoing without the approval of the Election Commission, or even talk to the press,” he said.

Saifuddin, who is also Machang MP, said such restrictions will only create more doubts about the fairness in the conduct of the election.

The NGOs appointed are Merdeka Centre, Malaysian Youth Council, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas), Proham, Centre for Policy Studies and Transparency International-Malaysia.

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Gregory says:

A 10-point demand was read out at Stadium Mederka:

1. Free and fair elections,
2. Save Felda,
3. Restore Sabah and Sarawak rights,
4. 20% oil royalties for petroleum producing states,
5. Safeguard the future of civil servants including teachers and security forces,
6. A clean and healthy environment,
7. Strengthen the national language as well as the mother tongues,
8. Free all the political detainees,
9. Save our heritage and traditional kampung,
10. Better living standards for women.

Be very afraid, BN!

nkkhoo says:

This is not the official version from PR.

Gregory says:

The event is not solely a PR’s event. It also included various NGOs. But we all got the message without having to find any discrepancy unlike BN supporters who are still in denial mode.

Anyway, PDRM either cannot count or flip flop to suit its master when reversed its earlier estimate of 80K participants to the event to 45K, calling it technical error. Another SOP abused?

This is the most historic event at the stadium since Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed ‘Mederka!’ there.

nkkhoo says:

Sinchew only published a tiny birdview photo to hide the number.

The stadium can accommodate 40,000 packed crowd, and those crowds outside the stadium are more than crowd in the stadium.

G Dragon Bang says:

Bangkit from all spectrum of Malaysian society today.
Merdeka from kezaliman kroni !!!!

this youtube worth watching as many awake/bangkit watching it !

Note: Low taste video is deleted.

Wai Kin says:

BN will try and portray this Saturday’s Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat as an attempted coup or revolt.

But as always, it’s actually the regime itself that’s revolting. Ratting on every principle of good government from honest and transparent financial governance, to the rakyat’s constitutional rights, to genuine justice, truthful media and peaceful protests.

In other words, the rally is an up-swelling of revulsion at the thievery, thuggery and skulduggery of the government, not an attempt to overthrow it by force.

SK Chua says:

Another setback for Najib is the himpunan is staged successfully in this historic Mederka Stadium. He has to honor his words else janji BN tak boleh pakai lagi!

Laili bin Masran says:

Kalau najib tak bagi stadium kita semua kejalanraya penuhkan kl dgn kuning hijau merah dan oren.