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BN government will not enforce the minimum wage law


This law will be remained like many other laws such as canning for employer hires more than three illegal workers.

Did you see any employer was canned for such offense in last 5 years?

Malaysian employers will not bother minimum wage law as long the government is under BN. If they are caught, bribe the officials with money will settle the case.

BN government is famous for releasing confusion rulings like AES, 1Smartphone, and many other policies.

Rakyat is still not sure RM900 is basic pay only or total pay including allowance and overtime pay.

How on earth the minimum wage law can be implemented with massive confusion on the definition of minimum wage of RM900?

Employers ignore minimum wage ruling
Posted on 3 January 2013 – 10:31pm
Michelle Chun

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 3, 2013): Less than a week into the new year and reports have already surfaced of private sector employers allegedly refusing to adhere to the minimum wage policy of RM900, citing financial constraints.

Despite the fact that it is illegal, many employers have allegedly told their workers they cannot pay the RM900 and if a worker insists, he or she can quit.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) secretary-general S. Arutchelvan said today that PSM received more than 300 calls on its hotline in December from workers confused over the new policy.

“Some of them were told their allowances or overtime rates would be included in the RM900 wage,” he said.

PSM and Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit), a non-governmental organisation, will monitor the implementation of the policy and create awareness through a nationwide road campaign and pamphlets to the workforce.

Hotlines have been set up in all states for workers and complaint forms are also available.

The minimum wage policy was implemented on Jan 1, but 4,500 companies had applied for the implementation to be delayed. To date, 600 companies have been allowed postponement.

Arutchelvan said the confusion stemmed from the government’s lack of a clear stand, having first assured the RM900 would not include allowances and other rates, but releasing contradictory guidelines later.

“The employers seem to be manipulating or avoid pay the RM900 basic pay,” he said.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Employers Federation president Tan Sri Azman Shah Haron said employers not granted postponement will have to face the authorities if they do not adhere to the policy.

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bhaskar says:

That is the hallmark of BN under najib- flip-flopping!
Handphone subsidy for smartphones belwo RM500, now may go up to RM1000 when BN see the bait cannot attract young voters. BN cannot think properly before they roll out their plan. Wasting rakyat time bickering.

nkkhoo says:

No more upper limit cap for smartphone.