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The mag says living in Malaysia with RM3000 per you believe it?

Malaysia is a heaven or hell

The fact is RM3000 is minimum expenses for any household to survive in KL and Penang.

The expatriate can live with RM3000 in Malaysia if they choose to stay at terrace house, no internet service, self-cooking and taking LRT and bus. Another stupid survey from the international magazine.

I also read a silly comment in a Chinese portal from a Mainland Chinese who is living in Damansara for 5 years says

– The majority of Malaysians are living in apartments and bungalows with swimming pool.

– The majority of Malaysian Chinese are rich businessmen.

– Many Malaysians driving Porsche and luxury cars.

A foreigner living in Malaysia for 5 years still cannot see the actual lifestyle in Malaysia. His observations are true for residents living in Damansara Height only.

My bashing against Malaysia is the best living place for retirees two years ago in Chinese language.马来西亚到底是天堂还是地狱/

I translate my old article for non-Chinese readers.

– Malaysia is a haven for people from first and third worlds because Malaysia is a second world class nation.

The first world people find Malaysia is a cheap place to stay with their high income in native nation while the workers from third world find Malaysia’s salary is “high”.

– The majority of Malaysians are still earning third world income to live in the second world, Malaysia. They have to suffer in their own land.

Malaysia ranks third as haven for retirees

By Yvonne Lim and Tan Sin Chow
The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA – For its tropical climate, up-to-standard service facilities and friendly locals who speak English, Malaysia has been ranked third as among the world’s best countries to retire in.

Travel web-magazine placed Malaysia third, following Panama, which was preceded by Ecuador, on its list of 22 “World’s Top Retirement Havens in 2013” which was posted on the website on Dec 4.

The list was compiled based on a survey on several factors affecting retirees in each country including real estate prices, special benefits and infrastructure for retirees, overall cost of living, medical and health facilities, and climate.

In his post titled “Malaysia: Asia’s Most Desirable Destination,” contributing writer Keith Hockton described the country as “having everything”.

“It has everything. Its weather is a tropical 27°C all year round and its beaches, islands and jungles are pristine.

“It has some of the region’s best street food, great restaurants, bars, shopping malls and movie theatres and it’s all affordable,” he wrote.

“Malaysia is also an easy place for expatriates to make friends, as English is widely spoken,” added Hockton.

He also mentioned Penang and Kuala Lumpur having medical centres of excellence and that “every day, two plane loads of medical tourists arrive in Malaysia for various treatments”.

“Not only is the healthcare amazing but it’s among the world’s cheapest. And prescriptions here cost a fifth of what you pay at home,” he added.

Australian Pat Jones, 67, says she loves Penang, especially the vegetarian food, tandoori chicken and char koay teow.

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) resident, who lives in Merican Road, has many friends.

She said George Town was a vibrant city with a lot of on-going activities on offer.

“Besides, we have made many friends here. I always encourage people to stay in the city so that we won’t miss all those attractive sites and activities,” she said.

Tourism Malaysia Deputy Director-General (Planning) Datuk Azizan Noordin said that Malaysia’s “truly Asia” identity was what made the country appealing as a tourist destination.

“We have a stable Government and economy, nice tropical weather, good education and medical facilities, and a vast variety of foods that cater to all taste buds.

“Also with the on-going Malaysia My Second Home programme which offers foreigners who want to live here a 10-year Social Visit Pass which is renewable, more people are opting to make Malaysia the place they want to retire in,” he said.

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Jenson T says:

这样下去辛苦的还是人民. 国阵政府还讲什么会好好对待人民这都是骗话!
希望各位新山人合作,如見蔡總會長出現廟會現場所,大家同聲講 NO ! NO ! NO ! to 蔡XX以表示極不又歡迎此XX出現此廟會,多謝合作. NK新年快樂

Note: I will delete comments with name calling terms.

KY Ong says:

Don’t forget our minister even told the world that RM150 for a buffet dinner per head is a norm for Malaysians.

Kuanqiao says:

Can if BN gives BR1M every month to warga asing who take up mysecondhome in Malaysia, and free access to 1msia klinik?

raj says:

Ha ha. Mcdonald big Mac value meal still RM4?

Mac Davis says: chose to ignore that our roti prata (kosong) has shrunk in size and density over the years while the price has gone up from 30 sen to 90 sen.

RM used to be on par with Sing$ 30 years ago.
Now RM1 = 40 cents in Singapore.
60% depreciation!!!!

swee lan says:

you gotta ask Bank Negara Zeti why set Ringgit so low against foreign currencies ? To favour local businessmen to export their products competitively overseas at the expense of locals who have to pay high for imported goods ?
Haven for foreign retirees. S$1 = RM2.52. US$1 = RM3.10, Aussie$1 = RM3.21, 1British Pound almost RM5 !!!!! Of course these foreigners can retire and exploits cheaper cost of livings in Msia with their higher value currencies.