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Fake RM100 new note found. How to detect fake money?

Fake and genuine RM 100 old notes, click on it to see enlarged photo to know how to identify fake money.

RM 100 old note

RM 100 fake note

RM 100 new note
RM fake money

RM100 note under UV light

Fake RM 100 new notes are reported found in the circulation in Johor by Sin Chew Daily.

For general consumers, these feel features can be used to detect fake money as recommended by Bank Negara.

Get a RM100 note and train up yourself by using your feel sense to familiar with RM100 new note.

Genuine: The intaglio print is a raised printing effect produced by applying layers of tactile inks on various parts of the front and reverse sides of the notes.

Fake: The counterfeit banknote does not have feeling the raised printing. It appears smooth on the surface.

Genuine: A watermark portrait of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong has three dimensional effect and appears soft and shady without sharp outlines portrait. At the base of watermark a denomination number is clearly visible.

Fake: The watermark in the counterfeit is not visible. If any, it can be appears like a drawing.

Genuine: The security thread will always looked embedded in the paper.

Fake: The security thread is simulated and rather blurs, and can be easily scrapped off.

Genuine: The hibiscus flower on the obverse will register perfectly with the same flower on the reverse of the banknote.

Fake: The see through features does not perfectly registered with the pattern on the reverse side of the banknote.

Genuine: You can see the iridescent stripe shines under a bright light and showing the banknote denomination and the name of BNM when the view angle is shifted. (A flower patter for RM100 note)

Fake: Normally the shines of the LEAD cannot be seen. Some counterfeiters will attempt to simulate it by using a plain shiny foil.

Genuine: When changing the angle of view by shifting the banknote, a hidden image of denomination number i.e. 100 will be revealed in the centre of the PEAK square. The peak square for RM100 note is at the reverse side.

Fake: There is no latent image of denomination in the PEAK feature or some simulation of image has been attempted.

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