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Jap killed dolphins for meat every year

Mora than 20,000 dolphins are killed by Jap fishermen for meat and small number live dolphins are sold to aquariums and zoos. This kind of cruelty is repeated every year.

National Geographic did produce a TV program about the dolphins killing by Jap fishermen. The killing is legal in Japan under the name of dolphin and whale scientific research and protection program.

Jap in peacetime kills whales and dolpins while in wartime kills non-Japanese.

dolphines killed by Jap

dolphines killed by Jap 2

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TNG says:

Insulting Hindu fucking comment is deleted.

Nkkhoo says have you taken drug before writing?

If do not know what is livestock and what is wild animal, why don’t you just commit suicide rather than wasting my precise time to explain to you and insulting Hindu in my blog.

nkkhoo says:

Your father tells you eating cow is offending Hindu?

Your mother tells you eating pork is offending Muslim?

Your uncle tells you eating lizard is offending Buddhist?

Let me tell you eating human flesh can cure your brain allergy.

Your ID will be dumped to spam list.

Phin says:

nkkhoo please keep cool, ok?
Stability, not chaos?

nkkhoo says:

I respect 99% of reader’s comments, but will not hesitate to fxxx those mad and immature people.

TNG says:

Do you know there are some people allergic to chicken meat? I thought you very smart and already know that.

nkkhoo says:

Are you so stupid to know there are duck, cow, goat, fish, etc. for protein.

So you are very smart to say allergic people must eat dolphin meat? How about human flesh to cure allergy if someone says so to you?

TNG says:

So you saying everyone should be a vegetarian and ban all meat because animal has as much right as human? Not sure everybody will agree with you. IMO, as long as it is not killed for fun/game and the animal is not on the endangered list, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Because a person who eat beef offended the Hindu so he has no right to condemn others who eat Dolphin.

Now if you say one should not eat Dolphin because Dolphins are intelligent and cute, the same logic will apply to eating pork because pigs are intelligent animal and can be cute like in the move Babe.

nkkhoo says:

If your ancestors in Africa are vegetarians, you are still living like monkeys on the tree.

I only say stop killing wild animals for any purpose if you have alternative sources of protein which is necessary to make your brain smart. I also hope in one day scientists will create protein directly from the bacteria or molecules and humans are no longer need to kill any animal for protein.

All animals have intelligence, only your limited intelligence hinders you to understand them.

TNG says:

Name me the other source of protein you talked about?

nkkhoo says:

Do you know there is a livestock called chicken? Or you never see chicken like some kids in the city?

Do you mean no chicken meat in Japan?

TNG says:

Are dolphins an endangered species? Do you breed Mackarel and Promfet like you breed livestock? And what if they do indeed breed Dolphin as livestock, can they then be eaten like cows?

You can’t not use eating human as example, we are talking about animal. I don’t see one animal having more rights than others.

nkkhoo says:

Some species dolphins number is less than Panda.

Fish breeding is still insufficient to supply fish stock to human being. Many poor people have to rely on fish for protein, because protein from the livestock is still far beyond their reach.

Why killing human for meat is irrelevant to you? Nazi feel other races are inferior and reserved to be killed for any purpose.

Human has NO better right than any animal to live in this planet. This is the mother of answer to your questions.

TNG says:

This is not killing for fun. If you can kill cows and sheets and chicken for meat, I do not see why can’t you kill other animal for meat also? And if one wants to impose one’s own culture onto another, then should the Hindu also demand others refraining from eating beef?

nkkhoo says:

So you are ok when a tribe is killing human, another type of mammal for meat? They are not killing for fun, but for their survival.

Do you breed dolphins like you breed livestock? If not, you have no right to kill wild dolphins for meat when there are plenty of livestock available for consumption.

Jap will not die off for not eating dolphins and whales.

Chinese will not die off also for not eating shark fins.

Culture is a changing practice, not a fixed one. Iban people are willing to discard their head hunting culture, why Jap cannot change their eating dolphin culture to be more civilized.

Do not stupidly to use culture as an excuse for living in 21st culture.

If you can create protein from the bacteria in future, the world shall stop eating animal for protein need. Eating meat culture can be changed or discarded if there is a better alternative.

Rin says:

I’m sorry to say that the Nipponese,Koreans,Chinese(Taiwanese), have a taste on an exotic foods such as cats,dogs,cockroaches,chicken backside,crickets,frogs,dolphins,whales etc.The Mexicans like guinea pig.I’ve tried out frog,mmm..not bad.Taste like quail.

nkkhoo says:

Whales are endangered species under the international convention. Jap disregard the ban to kill whales like no tomorrow. Dolphins should be included in the endangered animal list too to protect dolphins.

Vietnamese workers in Malaysia eat cats, dogs, birds, lizards, mouses, etc.

Dog meat is still legally sold in China, Taiwan and Korea. More and more mainland Chinese are stand up against dog killing for meat.

raj says:

Chinese kill sharks for the fins.

nkkhoo says:

Indians in India kill hawks.

cy fong says:

b careful when you enjoy your raw sushi even in Msia as the meat can be that of dolphins.
to japanese, dolphines are just like tuna fish and not that sacred like you may think.