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Malaysian Chinese money was robbed again. RM207 billion for Death Railway compensation from Japan was missing !!!


The war victims conscripted by Japanese Imperial Army to build a railway from Thailand to Myanmar are mostly Chinese.

Each war victim should have received RM2.5 to 3 million from RM 207 billion compensation from Japan.

Mahahtir is prime minister when the money was transferred to Malaysia. Anwar, the former finance minister claimed publicly that the money never sent to Treasury when he was finance minister.

If the money never went to Treasury account, it’s either parked at the private banks in Malaysia and overseas.

Those parents or grandparents are war victims in the Death Railway shall come forward and form a body to press BN government to return the money plus interests to them.

Anyway, none of my ancestors are victims in the death railway project.

Mahathir and Najib must answer where is the money now? If the claim by opposition party is false, BN government shall take legal action against PAS and Chua Jiu Ming for misleading rakyat.

Anwar: RM207b ‘not sent through Treasury’
Joseph Tawie | January 7, 2013

Former finance minister Anwar Ibrahim claims both Japanese and Malaysian officials “have evidence” that the money was sent to the government.

KUCHING: Former deputy prime minister-cum finance minister Anwar Ibrahim today confirmed that RM207 billion Death Railway compensation was sent to the Malaysian government but added that the money did not go through the Treasury.

“Why you have to ask the former finance ministers to explain? If the money came to the Treasury, I would surely have been informed.

“During my time as finance minister, it was not sent through the Treasury.

“But they (both Japanese and Malaysian officials) have evidence that it was sent to the government.

“So I think the then Prime Minister (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) needs to explain. What is the present Prime Minister (Najib Tun Razak) is doing?

“Najib should conduct a full investigation,” Anwar said, adding that the issue had been raised in Parliament by one of the Pakatan Rakyat MPs.

Anwar was commenting on the ‘missing’ RM207 billion paid by the Japanese government as compensation to the Malaysian government over the ‘Death Railway’ project in the 1940s.

The money was meant to be distributed to some 30,000 Malaysians who had been taken as prisoners of war and used as forced labour by the Japanese to build the Thai-Burma rail link.

According to PAS, the Japanese Embassy had recently revealed that it had in the 1990s paid a compensation of RM207 billion to the Malaysian government for families of the victims.

Today blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin had called for former finance minister Anwar and Daim Zainuddin, along with Mahathir, to explain the whereabouts of the RM207 billion.

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阳光天使 says:

not sure if nkkhoo support GST tax ?
the gomen after lavish spending needs to recoup and don’t be surprised bloggers like nkkhoo needs to declare his blog ad revenue !

nkkhoo says:

Go read my blog will know the answer.

金貴 says:

一馬當政: 纳笑民聯無賢能; 吉合同污何盛世!!!
惠民政策: 安啓两綫邁布城, 華惠民策慶凱歌!!!

Kuanqiao says:

Many chinese businessmen are robbeb by recent rounds of tax audits conducted at their business premises to collect extra tax by BN to pay for BR1M payouts. This is a hot topics among many chinese during chinese new year. Many are angry that MCA is allowing this and vow to punish MCA in the election.

Vejay says:

Fake or not, a probe should be underway to come clear on the allegation in parliament, a RCI should be established with wide terms to investigate and recover any such blood money if ever delivered by Japan to Malaysia and punish any one regardless of his power and position if ever there exist any crime. JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL.

nkkhoo says:

If Agong has to form RCI for every fake story from the political parties in Malaysia, thousands of RCI have to be formed for this purpose.

Anabelle says:

nkkhoo should remove this post as there is no truth on this matter at all in order to maintain integrity.

nkkhoo says:

I have added a question mark in the title. The story was raised by PR, not me. The readers have to use their brain to understand and analyze any issues they faced here or elsewhere.

Why no response from BN politicians if the story is fake? Something is fishy….

cy fong says:

that’s why many will “bangkit” this saturday at Merdeka Stadium to protest and fight for justice !
not sure if nkkhoo will participate.

nkkhoo says:

My illness is still not full recovered, may not attend the gathering. I plan to see doctor (not seeing doctor for last 7 years) this afternoon for throat infection.

Mac Davis says:

Go see the doctor at 1malaysia clinic, RM1 only.
Then tell us your experience.

nkkhoo says:

Do you see a medical official or a nurse for your illness. I shun local trained doctors too.

raj says:

What is MCA going to do about this?

cy fong says:

no wonder apanama so worried these days his billions in the closet mwill be exposed and distributed to the deserving poors after GE13.

nkkhoo says:

I still have doubt about the existence of RM 207 billion compensation because Japanese embassy replied that no such compensation to Malaysia after 1967’s blood money compensation deal.

Anytime says:

Make sure its not the banana tree money, no value mah.

nkkhoo says:

Jap under America protection was bothered to compensate war victims.

RM207 billion is just another political “sandiwara” before election.