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Talibanization in Malaysia


If elevator must be dedicated for halal food under the Talibanization policy in Malaysia.

The next step is the lorry must be dedicated to halal food, the following next the road must be dedicated to halal food, the port must be dedicated for halal food, the next can go on.

More next will be enacted by Jakim like only Muslim workers can carry the halal food.

‘Halal’ elevators at four-star hotel
Jared Pereira | January 9, 2013

A leading four star hotel has signboards beside several elevators which instruct that only ‘halal’ goods can be transported in the lift.

PETALING JAYA: The Crystal Crown hotel here has signboards erected next to three elevators which state that only “halal” goods can be transported in the lifts and the hotel management has not commented.

A visit to the hotel earlier today to scout for the signboards, which have been making headway in the social media, resulted in the findings of three identical signs on three floors.

FMT understands that these signboards are located on levels B1, B2 and B3.

A further sign on top of the elevators’ doors state that these lifts are “for staff only” and attempts to speak to the management have been futile.

An attempt to seek the views of both the attendants and car jockey were fruitless as well with both saying,: “I don’t know…ask counter….ask counter,” referring to the front desk.

However, the Islamic Consumer Association of Malaysia (PPIM) had an explanation for these signboards.

“Maybe the purpose of these elevators is to cater to kitchens and places where food is stored,” said PPIM chief activist Nazim Johan.

His claims may be justifiable because as far as FMT understands, the three lifts are only accessible via the staircase and not the main elevator in the lobby.

He said that both the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) have very strict conditions when it comes to the handling of halal food.

“The hotel definitely will do everything they can to prevent losing their halal certification as it would mean a huge loss of business for them,” he added.

Speaking to FMT, Nazim cited the recent case two days ago of Corus Hotel in KL having their halal certificate revoked by Jakim and said that Crystal Crown would not want to suffer the similar fate.

The hotel management, Jakim and Jais were all unreachable for comment.

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Wai Kin says:

Will there be a separate blood bank for Muslim since my non-Muslim blood is tainted/blessed with lard from my pork consumption?

sean says:

I believe K-pop waves can neutralize the talibanization impact !

Love T-ara, Kara, f(x) ! See all my Muslim friends at Gold Disk Awards at Sepang !

Wai Kin says:

Harian Metro has reported that many malay youth are going for plastic surgery to chisel their look to mirror their K-pop idols. You should know that whitening cream is getting popular among the malays, even the dark-skinned singer Nurul is promoting one brand!

ariel says:

Please do remember that this is happening in era BN, not PAS as Jakim is belonging to BN.