Internet Freedom >>> contact?

pisau net

DAP’s legal team has problem to track down administrator and owner?

If the info in the whois record is incorrect, DAP lawyer can ask its registry to rectify it and cancel the domain if the owner fails to provide genuine information.

Get a court order to ask telco to reveal  who is the owner for handphone 012-3325433 is another way to find out.

The UMNO doggie is hiding like a mouse after making wild accusation against DAP politicians.

挑战部落格Pisau.Net真人现身 倪可敏悬赏千元搜索
二零一三年一月九日 晚上六时五十九分





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Zulkifli says:

Based on hp no given, I know who is the owner and where is he now. I don’t think he is the person who involved in that such activities. But, anything can happen in today scenario.

nkkhoo says:

Money can buy 99% people, it’s just a matter of how much the amount.

Wai Kin says:

pisau, papagomo, bigdog … all got political immunity and will not be prosecuted under regime BN as they are the real mouthpiece of Umno, a channel for tehir true voice that is muffled under 1Malaysia rhetorics.