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New Malaysian Indian image in my mind. Recycled trader, the crime and BN supporters

Besides my old stereotype on Indian as lawyers and labors, there are few new images cropped up in my mind on Malaysian Indians.

1. Recycled Goods Trader: Most recycled goods traders in KL are Indian.

Don’t mistaken the trade as a low class job, the business can earn lucrative return more than you expected. Two of the top 10 richest persons in China are from recycling business.

2. Crime: A half of Malaysian criminals are Indian compared to 5% Indian population in Malaysia according to police criminal statistics.

I had first-hand experience of being robbed by an Indian gang in a mamak restaurant in Cheras. This is only robbery I encountered in my life.

A DAP politician moved to Cheras from Pahang said three of his four family members were robbed in Chears. He did not mention the race of robbers in the rally.

The Chinese newspapers will report the identify of Indian criminal as Indian, but report Malay criminal as “friendly race”. Indian readers please take note of racial discrimination in the Chinese newspapers controlled by MCA.

3. BN supporters: A packet of rice will pull in a huge crowd of Indian to any rally organized by BN. The absent of Indian mass in Bersih 3.0 and KL112 is indicated that the majority Indians are behind BN in the coming election.

malaysian indian can be bought with rice

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Swee Lan says:

nkkhoo, do you think Ridhuan Tee a theorist ?

Name: Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee bin Abdullah

Chinese Name: Tee Chuan Seng

Race: Chinese

Religion: Islam


BA(Hons)Political Science (UKM),
MA Strategic Studies (UKM),
PhD Politics and Government (UPM),
Dip. Islamic Studies (UIA)

Marital status: Married

No. of Children: 5

Social Activity

Committee Member of Islamic Consultative Council, Prime Minister Department (Jabatan Perdana Menteri),
Secretary General, Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce,
Vice President, Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association,
National Council Member of The Muslim Welfare Organization Of Malaysia (PERKIM),
Executive Facilitator, Pengukuhan Integriti Perkhidmatan Awam, JAKIM,JPM,
President, Resident Assoc, Chairman, Perbadanan Pengurusan De Casa,
Chairman, Parent-Teacher Association,
Chairman of the At-Taqwa Surau,
Editor for 4 books,
Maal Hijrah Award Recipient (Convert)1424 H Selangor, 1427 H Wilayah Persekutuan, 1428 H Perak Tengah.
Student’s leader in UKM,


President, Royal Military College’s Parent-Teacher Assoc,
Council Member, Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce etc

Employer: Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

Occupation: Associate Professor

nkkhoo says:

The guy is a fanatic politicking theorist. He shall join politics, not hiding behind the academia.

Malaysia associate professor title is not better than a toilet paper. Many of them have never published a single paper in the international standard journals.

Another Chinese Muslim was given a full professorship in his early 30s. The shocking fact is only two papers were published by him and searchable by the international academia.

You can forget about professorship in Hong Kong with less than 50 papers published under your belt.

A survey published in The Star says a top professor in Malaysia published less than 30 papers. This credit is for a top professor, you can figure out others.

Swee Lan says:

Mufti Perlis is hotly pursued by BN, PKR & PAS.

Ridhuan Tee could be an opportunist. If BN falls, he may switch alliance.

Maniam says:

I hope nkkhoo do not make fun of Indians in his blog.
We are still the kingmaker in the coming election.

nkkhoo says:

Indians themselves are jokers to vote BN who continually discriminating Indians for decades.

I found some Indians are funny, they are good to blame others when themselves make the blunder.

raj says:

Do not speak too soon, the Indians will play their ‘joker’ cards at the most appropriate time.
Nkkhoo is too obsessed with MCA rhetorics to realise this.

nkkhoo says:

The majority of Indians are behind BN even in last GE.

RM200 will buy the Indian vote, and BR1M 1 already paid out RM 500.

BR1M 2 will make poor Indians feel they are in the heaven under the BN government.

Doris says:

The Indian minority in Malaya suffered the most in developing the country. They are synomenan in plantations, clearing of jungles, road, railways, post, PWD and many more. They played a major role in this country.

Prior to the 12th GE the Indians peacefully gathered in KL for their rights. The UMNO government then headed by Abdullah Badwi did not want to hear or see them. They were treated like dirt. So Hindraf should go back to the aim of their original struggle for PRU13. Instead they are now bidding for ‘best offer’ from BN and Pakatan. It is very likely that Hindraf will fall for BN who can sweet-talk the Indians with promises and the majority of the Indians who have never learnt from past lessons will again vote for BN!

Kuanqiao says:

Hindraf only active before election. Its leaders are trying to strike a bargain with BN for personal gain. Indians should stick with Pakatan in order not to have their interest sold to BN.

Jojo says:

If you are fans of Tamil movies, you can understand the mentality of most Indians who seek instant gratification at the expense of long term prosperity.
Hero worshipping of movie idols BUT there is no real hero in Malaysian Indian political landscape charismatic enough to strike good bargains these days.

naidu says:

Please have some respect for the Indians.
Do not be like Ridhuan Tee.

KY Ong says:


MIC Youth is urging Najib to take action agaisnt Ridhuan Tee.
Hopefully it is not a charade.

MIC’s Kalanathan should challenge Ridhuan Tee for a TV debate since both of them always appear on TV1 showcasing their malay language proficiency.

Fhineas says:

Najib has successfully nambikei Indians with BR1M such that Hindraf has surrendered to BN. So the Indians lost the opportunity to be a kingmaker in PRU13.

Sugu says:

Indians are very practical in that sense, right Mr Khoo?