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UMNO has copied China Communist's brainwashing campaign in local universities

The lady speaker is immature, undemocratic, rude and racist.

The students mostly Malays were clapping to support all sort of bullshits from her mouth is telling that UMNO brainwashing campaign learned from the China Communist has worked very well to make young Malays a bunch of potential fanatics, racists and bigots.

UUM students were taking oath against the constitutional rights of public assembly is a betrayal to nation. UUM Student Union and SW1M, not Ambiga and Bersih are true anarchy who attempt to berate Malaysia constitution.

I do not see there is any bright future in Malaysia under such politicized education system.

Netizens give “listen, listen” UUM speaker an earful

PETALING JAYA: Besides harsh criticism, netizens have reacted to a video of an NGO leader snatching the microphone away from a university student by creating comical Internet memes, songs and even dance remix versions of the video.

Users ridiculed the leader for repeating the word “Listen” seven times to stop the student from speaking and for comparing the issues raised, such as free education and street protests, to the “problems” faced by animals.

“Even sharks have problems.

“Have you eaten shark fin before? Have you seen how people throw the shark back into the sea to die. See how humans are more greedy than sharks?” asked the speaker, Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin in the 24-minute video.

Controversial singer Namewee was among those who came up with a parody of the video, while another user posted a catchy dance remix version called “Listen! Listen! When I Speak, Listen!”

The original video, which was uploaded on YouTube last week, shows a student, who wanted to be known only as Bawani KS being interrupted by Sharifah, who was a guest speaker at the forum held in Universiti Utara Malaysia on Dec 8.

Sharifah told Bawani to leave the country if she was not happy in Malaysia.

“Don’t compare Malaysia with other countries. If you compare, what are you doing in Malaysia?

“Go to Cuba, Argentina, Libya, go everywhere. Because, you know what? All the students in this hall are happy with whatever the government does for them,” Sharifah told the student in the video.

When contacted, Bawani, 27, who is currently pursuing a law degree, said the speakers had promised a “Q&A” session after the forum but did not allow more than two questions.

“I did not agree with some of the views expressed by the speakers and wanted to share my own. However, she cut me off while I was speaking, and said that I was being rude,” she said.

The video even attracted the attention of Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah who called Bawani.

“Even if the speaker did not agree with Bawani, she should not have spoken down to her in such a condescending and patronising way,” said Saifuddin when contacted.

On Twitter, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin refuted claims that SW1M was linked to Barisan Nasional, saying he had never even heard of the group.

“Please listen to me, this lady does not represent Barisan,” he said.

The comment board with Facebook account.
damien says:

limkokwing is the school of propaganda for bn with its songs and video for 1malaysia.
now you know why southern college cannot get uni status.

Fhineas says:

This comment from Msiakini summarises the issue pretty well:

Just like the song by Pink Floyd ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, all our universities are interested in is to produce graduates who are timid and conforming. Students must ‘listen, listen and listen’ and don’t ask questions and encourage to develop critical and independent thinking for themselves.

Asking questions and giving alternative views is tantamount to questioning the lecturers’ credentials and his/her authority.

On the other hand, these lecturers love timid and conforming students. As a result many graduates can’t even communicate their thoughts but give run of the mill answers to questions posed to them.

No wonder we have so many unemployable graduates. They are just another brick in Umno’s wall. The education system is in a sorry state, thanks to the several incompetent education ministers we have had and all the useless policies that they churned out using our children as experiments.


ps: Not sure why nkkhoo did not like people to challenge his idea. Is this trait inherited subconciously from BTN session while he was in the local university without him realising it?

nkkhoo says:

How to challenge others if yourself know nothing about a topic?

They are people got zero knowledge in nuclear science, but talk like experts with all sorts of bullshit.

Twist and turn and lie are very common trait in the internet era unlike the olden days where the debates are supported with logical points and facts.

Young people are not just cannot read long articles, they are like you good in copy and paste answer.

Anabelle says:

Students are told in BTN sessions that all Muslims are considered Malays whatever their racial origins. Thus, any Chinese or Indians who embrace Islam become Malay. Example Ridhuan Tee.

nkkhoo says:

Mamaks are not bumi unless they join UMNO and serve as running dogs like Sister Listen.

Jojo says:

apanama kind of worried these days appearing on many state-controlled media to salvage his beaten ego and $$$$$ ????

Jojo says:

looks like certain apanama faction still behind the scene calling for balik tongsan / tanggenci balik india ?
no wonder we need to ubah their pemikiran (reverse psychology treatment) !!!!

MK2020 says:

Wanita Umno member Norhayati Saiddin wrote in her Facebook posting: “Deii Bawani.. kalau mau pendidikan percuma tanggechi pergi ler belajar sana India… you mother land.. sana tanggechi boleh dapat pree… ammakk!!” (Bawani… if you want free education, go and study in India, your motherland. There you can get free…)

“Untung lorrr… dulu India banyak duduk estet… itu jamban pun lu orang tarak tau… sekarang India org banyak mahu sebab itu BN ada perintah ini negeri.” (It’s a privilege.. before Indians mostly lived in estates. They didn’t even know toilets. Now Indians have a lot of demands that is why BN rules this country.)

Like that 1Malaysia?
What say you MIC and PPP?

nkkhoo says:

She apologized for her racist remarks later.

MK2020 says:

This is Norhayati Saiddin FB account:

If you do not accept her apology go to her FB acct and tell her why you do not accept it. Let her know that the majority of Malaysians do not accept Racism.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t behave like some Muslims keep cursing on Patrick Teo after he has apologized for his offensive remarks on Islam.

raj says:

Very soon another Umno joker will spew another such racist remark despite the current cooling off period due to impending PRU13. This is because the BTN ideology is deeply ingrained in the psyche of these people, with timer set to unleash in public forum in self trigger fashion. Now BTN is upgraded with the venom of pemikiran mahathir. Double dosage of such venom will render the people an automatic propaganda machine to serve the evil regime.

nkkhoo says:

Pro-UMNO students won handsomely in the elections in the public universities is a testimony of BTN effectiveness in brainwashing Malay folks.

ken says:

LISTEN program has got Denmark NGO attention !

Ms. Bawani: a courageous voice of conviction
Last week, a young unknown law-student at a Malaysian university (UUM), Ms. Bawani, managed to trump my cowardly silence. Bawani was a participant in what the Malaysian public (via social media) have now dubbed the “student brain-washing forum.” The conference was formally marketed to spur dialogue surrounding “the voice of students in politics.” However, the de facto agenda was to show student’s videos of peaceful assembly demonstrations that were held in 2012. . The “Bersih” or “Clean” demonstration (a non-party political movement) attempted to urge the Malaysian government to reform its electoral processes. The videos that were shown to the students were deemed by the conference holders as being an example of “dirty assembly.” The women demonstrators, whom were shown on the video, were pin-pointed by the conference holders and chastised for breaching exalted female values surrounding “gentility and friendliness” for participating in public demonstrations.
Ms. Bawani, one of the 2,300 student attending the conference, decided to voice her contradictory convictions to the conference holders. In a video that has been aired on you-tube and subsequently gone viral, you can view a courageous young woman – a woman whom stands up in a room of her peers, and decides to not only voice her alarm at the conferences content, but also raises the bar by discussing the lack of non-discriminatory educational opportunity in Malaysia.

ken says:

KY Ong you are right. Komunis China now recognized Malaysian University (UEC not yet ?) as reported yesterday.
I think they can recruit Universiti Utara’s “Listen” lecturer to get their people to always listen to Red Army Doctrines !

KY Ong says:

In years to come the Communist China will have to relearn such technique from BN’s BTN curriculum as BN has refined brainwashing technique to a new level.

ptptn tak buta says:

for those who want to explore further the points brought forward by nkkhoo, can refer to this youtube to understand why our graduans have difficulty finding jobs in open free market because their brains have been asked to “listen” to nonsense in the guise of sacred religion like Islam.

ptptn tak buta says:

I am proud 2 Muar boys stood up to highlight such ugly “btn” tactics to brainwash ptptn minds; namely nkkhoo and namewee (see link below).

nkkhoo: Link deleted for not supporting cheap promotion.

i believe this is part of apanama legacy that ought to be demolished so that our graduans have open minds like nkkhoo and namewee who are willing to question the crazy status quo !

Ally Pandian says:

Sharifah (now in hiding) should have debated Bawani, but all she could do was muster her petty authority to bully. It is like Umno bullying MIC! Bawani may be a student and young, but she’s far wiser than Sharifah. Bawani’s willingness to challenge the status quo shows a student mature beyond the average. The only way to progress is to question and even to challenge the norm.

UMNO breeds a culture of intimidation and fear!
Bravo to Bawani! Shame on Sharifah!

Video evidence of BTN session in our local universities, as forwarded to me from my chinese friend:

raj says:

Every aspect of our live is now subjected to BN propaganda.

Ally Pandian says:

Was such BTN doctrines in the university curriculum during your study days in local university?

SW1M is definitely one of those 1Malaysia initiative from Umno.
I guess such episode will S1NK the support level for BN among the university students, provided they have not been affected by the BTN ideology so far that are forced onto them consciously and subconciously.

I would not want my children to study under such environment.
Already my secondary school son has to study the additional Sejarah paper 3 for SPM as the exam hours for Sejarah in SPM is now 6 hours! BN propaganda and the twisted sejarah tanah melayu is causing a lot of damage to the thinking of our children. Better to study in Singapore Poly or Universities if possible.

nkkhoo says:

No such pro-UMNO brainwashing seminars during my time. In the olden days, my u used to be a strong anti-BN fortress and controlled by pro-PAS student union.

Now, all local public universities except MU and IIU already fall under pro-UMNO students.

亲亲 says: