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Mahathir declares war against constitution. He want to send Chinese and Indians to China and India.

sabah and sarawak population boom

Almost all English mainstream media like The Star and NST have censored Mahathir’s seditious remark on the role played by Tunku Abdul Rahman to give citizenship to one million non-Malays before Malaya Independence. Only one Chinese newspaper dared to publish Mahathir’s comments, others were imposing self-censorship.

The social contract inked by three major races before Malaya Independence are,

– All Chinese, Indian, and other races resided permanently in the Malaya are given citizenship automatically if they apply for it before or on 31st August 1957.

– The special position for Malays and orang asli.

– The Malay sultanate institute are maintained with the legal immunity power.

– Etc.

These agreements are covered in the Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957 and Malaysia Consitution and cannot be disputed by any public member in any media. Only the parliament is allowed to discuss and amend them with the 2/3 majorities.

Dr. Mahathir has opened the floodgate for all to dispute “social contracts” in the constitution, this is a very dangerous move especially from an influential and prominent personalty.

I will be charged for sedition within 24-hour if I make any bad comment on the special position for Malays and sultan status in my blog.

The citizenship granted to any foreigner regardless they are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Javanese, Filipino, etc. in Sabah after October 1962 has to meet these requirements,

– Enter Malaysia with legal documents or passports.

– Good character.

– Have an elementary knowledge of the Malay language.

– Have to stay in Malaysia for an aggregate of at least ten of the preceding twelve years, including the twelve months immediately preceding the application for citizenship.

The citizenship granted to Chinese and India before Malaya Independence is a different matter with the citizenship given to foreigners after Malaysia was formed.

The RCI on IC scam in Sabah has nothing to do with the citizenship given to non-Malays in Malaya before Malaya Independence.

Dr. Mahathir should be charged for sedition on his red-herring’s comment against Tunku for the citizenship given to non-Malays before Malaya Independence.

馬哈迪吁設皇委會 查獨立前發百萬公民權

Quotation from The Edge.

The former prime minister said many foreigners in Sabah were not new immigrants and had assimilated, having lived in the state for decades.

“Many in Sabah have been there for over 20 to 30 years. They speak Malay. They have the right to be citizens. The problem is some people don’t like them to be citizens.

“Why do we reject them? They work. If they commit crime, they are subject to the law. They are needed by Sabah,” he said.

Mahathir pointed out that the country’s first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj, had also dished out citizenship to many unqualified persons when he was in power.

“So why is it when he does it, it is not wrong but when I do it, it is wrong? I did what was within the law,” Mahathir said.

‘Dr M coward to drag in Tunku over Project IC’
Malaysiakini – 7 hours ago

PKR says former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is an “unscrupulous manipulator of history” for using first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s name to justify the issuing of identity cards (IC) to foreigners in Sabah.

“The latest statement by Dr Mahathir Mohamad to clear himself of any wrongdoing in the clandestine IC scam under probe by the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) shows him to be arrogant, unrepentant and an unscrupulous manipulator of history.

“Dr Mahathir’s attempt to drag the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, into the mud is despicable and cowardly.

“He is trying to pull wool over the eyes of the rakyat by equating the IC scam, conducted shadily under his watch as prime minister, with the granting of citizenship in Peninsular Malaysia during the Tunku’s time,” PKR deputy president Azmin Ali ( left ) said in a statement today.

Commenting on testimonies emerging from the Sabah RCI yesterday, Mahathir admited that he had indeed given out ICs to Filipinos during his administration, but claimed the move was legitimate.

However, he did not comment on the IC-for-votes allegations raised, and instead justified his actions as above board and said that Tunku Abdul Rahman had done worse by giving citizenships to one million unqualified people, referring to non-Malays, in Peninsular Malaysia during his tenure.

The RCI over the past week heard testimonies about illegal immigrants in Sabah having been issued ICs and other documents that had allowed them to vote, purportedly to help BN wrest and maintain power in the Borneo state since the 90s and for Umno to take root there.

Dr M’s ‘red herring’

Azmin said Malaysians were able to differentiate between a “shady operation shrouded in secrecy that was criminal, and one that was done in accordance with a collective decision during the formative period of our history of independence”.

Added the Gombak MP: “In any event, the Tunku is not the subject of inquiry, whereas the IC project is. So, Dr Mahathir must stop throwing red herrings in the path just to distract us from the key issue.”

Azmin reminded that the testimonies during the RCI have alleged how perpetrators in the IC-for-votes “scam” stayed at the house of Mahathir’s political secretary Aziz Shamsuddin and “used it as the operations centre to issue the fake ICs”.

“Equally shocking is the testimony that (then-deputy home minister) Megat Junid Megat Ayub had instructed NRD senior officers to issue the IC receipts.

“Aziz Shamsuddin and Megat Junid could not have embarked on a scam of such a magnitude without clearance from the man they would have to report to at that time and that would be none other than Dr Mahathir,” said Azmin.

Calling Mahathir’s response yesterday a “red herring”, the PKR deputy chief repeated his call for the former PM to be investigated for “treason” for “for selling out our sovereignty”.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Ghaz says:

Hari ini, UMNOlah yang menjual kerakyatan negara ini dan memberi kewarganegaraan kepada rakyat Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal dan Indonesia. Bererti , UMNO belot dari agenda mebela bangsa, agama dan negara!

Setiap hari kerja pemimpin UMNO ialah menipu rakyat. Saban hari, UMNO tabur dakyah dan fitnah melalui media yang UMNO kuasai. Kanak2 Melayu didedahkan kepada budaya mendedahkan keaiban orang sebagai suatu perkara yang biasa. Anak Melayu dibesarkan dengan nilai2 buruk!!!!

HTK says:




Fhineas says:

No wonder the KLCI crashed big time on Monday (and today too)after the ex-PM statement!

Looks like investors are pulling their money out of the country!

SR_Ken says: should serve as independent archives of records and wonder if Prof Khoo KK if he still has the conscience then he ought to put his true thoughts in nkkhoo about the true devils who has manipulated his thinking to skew towards apanama btn agenda.

nkkhoo says:

At least MIC rebutted the old man unlike MCA is still like a coward.

Jozan says:

Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari : “Mahathir bukan sahaja biadab dan buta sejarah, tetapi mempersoalkan kedudukan orang Cina dan India yang diakui oleh perlembagaan”.

Azrai says:

mahathir kata orang melayu tak malu di astro awani. yang tak malu adalah anaknya Marina sekarang !

JYT says:

BN’s image had long been destroyed ever since the devil came on stage. Only now it is made worse.He is the same ultra racist as before only now he does not need to pretend any more.When he wrote “The Malay Dilemma” it was very clear what type of person he is and what his ultimate objective is. Only people did not really believe it and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Only the Tunku saw through him and expelled him from umno. But the devil manipulated his way back into umno. The rest is history and Prof KKK attest to it to earn a Tan Sri title.

nkkhoo says:

In 80s and 90s, many Chinese treated him like a tokong. His true color finally revealed as a Muslim fascist.

Mat Drift says:

quote from Josh Hong analisa politik

Blind to history and thoroughly uninterested in intellectual pursuits, Mahathir has been exploiting political and historical issues in a manner that borders on fascism. Perhaps Marina Mahathir, who allegedly never shirks from ‘telling it straight’, can gently remind her senile father that Malaysia is no more a successor state to any of the Malay sultanates, than the People’s Republic of China is to all the dynasties prior to it.
When Sabah and Sarawak formed the Federation of Malaysia together with Malaya, a new chapter was inked, and a clean break should have been made with a past that was premised on feudalism.
But the conservative forces within Umno resisted real power-sharing and equal partnerships with the non-Malays, East Malaysians, and – I must emphasise – non-Umno Malays, and they found a chance to exert an ‘ideological monopoly’ by excluding all these elements from state policies. The phrase “Ketuanan Melayu” may have been coined by one Abdullah Ahmad, but it was Mahathir who gave flesh to the idea.
‘His familiar role of the devil’
Furthermore, what does the history of Sabah and Sarawak really have to do with the Malay peninsula except for the intervention of the British in the form of colonialism?

Anabelle says:

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants (many of whom are illegals in the first place) can get blue IC after a very short stay but why can’t genuine malaysians born here get one even after staying here all their lives?

Anyone want to organise a Perhimpunan IC Merah?

hamzah says:

even 3rd force (50-50 group) like Zaid (ex KITA chief) now opt for Pakatan. But nkkhoo still rather stubborn so apanama btn program shall continue on & on and may be more dangerous than talibanization !!!!!!

Jojo says:

Is it M intention to rename Malaysia as Tanah Melayu ?

MK2020 says:

MCA should clarify with Tun M if indeed the chinese granted citizenship by Tunku Abdul Rahman are the “one million unqualified people” who supported the Alliance to gain independence. Tun M said Projek IC (Projek M) is valid and legal as those Filipinos are qualified to be citizen as they speak and behave like malay.

MCA please tell Tun M that this “unqualified” people contributed their labour in the tin mines, estates and their enterprise brought wealth and prosperity to the founding nation. If the ex-PM equates them with the Filpino immigrants, then MCA should challenge BN to reveal the taxes, direct and indirect, that has been collected from these Filipino immigrants in comparison to the taxes that has been contributed by 3 generations of non-Malay citizens since Independence.

The ex-PM accused the Chinese that they dominated the economy and yet do not dare reveal the taxes that has been collected from their income and enterprises to fund the nation’s development. This ex-PM considers that the Malay language, religion and UMNO membership is what developed the country. UMNO insists that PETRONAS is the major contributor and non-Malays have no share of the nation’s petroleum resources.

So now we know who the real “fixed deposits” are in Sabah. Not the Sabahans but those illegals made into citizens and voters. These perpetrators must answer for their misdeeds and crimes against our country.

nkkhoo says:

How to explain millions extra Sabahans after Sabah joined Malaysia? Natural birth rate does not correspond with the numbers.

Sabah’s population numbered 651,304 in 1970 and grew to 929,299 a decade later. But in the two decades following 1980, the state’s population rose significantly by a staggering 1.5 million people, reaching 2,468,246 by 2000, that as of 2010, this number had grown further to 3,117,405, with foreigners making up a 27% [wikipedia]

Fhineas says:

Mahathir forget his own blood that his forefathers are immigrants from Kerala, India and try to be a Ultra Malay..haha… MALAYALAM ORIGIN MAHATHIR, your whole clan will be stateless if RCI Pre Independence being thrown!

nkkhoo says:

His son is first one to move to India if PR winning the GE13, no RCI is needed to advise Mahathir where to find a safe haven for billions ringgit.