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Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia scheme copied my idea mooted in 2010?

I googled my letters published in the MalaysiaKini and found this below long forgotten letter.

Giving out free cash to poor people is my suggestion to reduce food subsidies. Seemed BN policy makers have taken note of free money suggestion to come out BR1M.

BN may win the election 13 with free BR1M handouts to millions of rakyat. Am I guilty to indirectly support BN?

turkey therapy approach to subsidies

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Doris says:

BN reported that 7.2 million Rakyat qualified for BR1M 2.0. Taking into account that some of them have dependants, the total beneficiaries will be about 12 million Rakyat or nearly 50% of Malaysia’s population! In other words, after 55 years under BN, 50% of Rakyat earning below RM3,000 a month?

Just remember where all this BR1M money is coming from. And also why there is the need to distribute BR1M. Is it because the BN government has too much money? Is it because the BN government has not been managing the economy well (RM 500 billion debt!) and this has resulted in many of the rakyat living below or near the poverty?

nkkhoo says:

From BN own statistics, 80% of households are earning below RM 3000.

Kuanqiao says:

Go to Singapore and see for ourselves how BN has impoverished us with low wage wnd weak Ringgit. About time to end the 55 years of poor governance.

Jojo says:

Malaysian PRs in Spore once start families there are very unlikely to return bcos the stakes are too high (exchange rate n chldren education are the primary factors). In a way they become cloned Sporeans whereas cloaned Malaysias are unskilled forein labors or invaders. Do you agree with me, nk ?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia exports skilled workers and import unskilled workers. Billions RM are wasted by Malaysia to train up skilled workers who migrate to red dot. Many youngsters in my village finding works in red dot after finishing degree in local university.

A Jap factory in Singapore offered to hire a whole batch of Chinese mechanical engineering graduates after it tested a graduate and found out the standard of Malaysian (I mean Chinese) graduates are as good as any graduates in the world.

Kuanqiao says:

Better earn Singapore wages else cannot afford the spiralling property price in Malaysia.

金貴 says:


人民不停在報上投訴和求改,多年來卻不見有錢的政府即時改善? 为什么会这样难以在财政上支持華校?


Fazli says:

Najib menggunakan program banuan ‘mee segera’ kepadfa rakyat demi meraih undi.

Wang sudah tiada dan persoalannya dari mana datangnya wang itu?

PSY dari Korea nak buat persembahan atas belanja kroni BN?
Ini memang satu contoh ‘I tolong you, You tolong I’, amalan rasuah BN.

Rakyat ambil duit BR1M kerana mereka tahu itu hak mereka. Mereka dah tahu perangai Umno yang suka menipu, pura-pura baik kerana nak undi rakyat.

Lihatlah bangunan Umno di KL – iklan besar ucap Hari Raya Cina untuk ambil hati masyarakat Cina?

nkkhoo says:

We Chinese are not Indians can be tricked with a few candies.

Connie says:

Every BR1M recipient had to endure BN brainwashing lecture before receiving the RM500.
Otherwise BN could have asked people to put their bank saving account on the application forms to facilitate the process of direct credit.
Waste of productive time to cause hardship for rakyat to take leave to q for the money.
Stupid government makes stupid rakyat suffer.

nkkhoo says:

The application form has a column for bank account number.

HTK says:


家長被迫Listen了BTN 宣传,被洗脑, 则可以得到RM100一馬學生緩助金???

Jessie says:


原来,什么100块钱援助金,500块钱援助金,统统都是羊毛出在羊身上!你去学校排队老半天,既要忍受马华巫统地方领袖上台喃喃自语一个小时,又要排队上台从这些Yang Bodoh手中领取固本,然后再去校务处兑现。折腾了大半天,所领取的那区区100元,却原本就是你自己的血汗钱!




JYT says:

Perhaps Najib also read your blog regularly for inspiration?

nkkhoo says:

Melaka river phase 2 beatification project also shifted away from the concrete jungle concept after many people bombarded the tasteless and no cultural value phase 1.

My letter to The Star in 2010 seems has changed Mohd Ali a bit to make Melaka river more natural. 🙂