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Perkasa declares war against Christians


The judicial judgement in the High Court to allow Allah in the Malay language newspaper is still hold unless it’s overturned by the Appeal Court.

Besides the contempt of court, PM Najib and his Cabinet are deemed to consent with Perkasa to declare war against Christians if no stern legal action is taken against Perkasa Chief for declaring war against Christians.

Patrik Teoh was questioned by MCMC for his offensive remarks against Islam and UMNO Youth urged the stern action is taken against him.

I hope no double standards in the enforcement of law.

Be prepared for more threats from Perkasa because Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir have sensed that BN will lose in the GE13.

You have two choices,

First is to submit to terrorism and vote BN to live in peace with Perkasa.

Second is to learn Arab people in Middle East to stand up against tyrannical regimes and vote for PR (Reminder: PR can be another rotten apple, babbled and impotent Kuamintang in Taiwan).

Burn ‘Allah’ Bibles, Perkasa chief to Muslims
Athi Shankar | January 19, 2013

Proclaiming he is not instigating communal tensions, Ibrahim Ali says it’s the only way to stop non-Muslims from stirring sensitivities

PERMATANG PAUH: Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has called on Muslims to seize and burn copies of Bibles which contain the term “Allah” or other Arabic religious words.

Stressing that he was not instigating communal tension, the Pasir Mas MP insisted that it was the only way to stop non-Muslims from stirring the sensitivities and sentiments of the majority of population in the country.

He said certain non-Muslim groups were out to provoke the Muslims by using the term “Allah” or any other Arabic religious words in the Bible.

Under the Non-Islamic Religion (Control on Expansion Among Muslims) Act 1988, he said non-Muslims are prohibited from using several Arabic religious terms, including Allah, in their prayers or scriptures.

“Muslims must unite to protect their religion. They must seize those Bibles, including the Malay editions, which contained the term Allah and other Arabic religious terms, and burn them.

“This is the way to show our anger against disrespect to our sensitivity,” he told a press conference after delivering his presidential speech at a Perkasa convention here today.

‘Pre-election tactic’

Held at UiTM campus, the convention was on ‘Economic and Education Transformation of Penang Malays’.

Ibrahim was referring to a police report lodged by Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang this week alleging that two men have distributed Bibles to Muslims pupils at the entrance of a secondary school in Jelutong town on the island.

He said it was wrong for non-Muslims to distribute Bibles to Muslims as such activities were also banned under the 1988 Act.

He said certain non-Muslim groups dared to infringe the law to stir Muslim religious sentiments merely to fish for votes in the forthcoming general election.

He claimed that their pre-election tactic was to provoke Muslims to be busy in a polemic among themselves on religious issues, such as using “Allah” in the Christian holy book, Bible.

“This is a deliberate attempt to divert the Muslim attention from political issues,” said Ibrahim.

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aizat says:



This is not reported in The Star.
So you could possibly have missed it.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese papers reported Nik Aziz visited Karpal Singh.

aizat says:

I cannot read Mandarin but my secondary school daughter can.
Can you recommend which Chinese papers to buy?
I know Nanyang is owned by MCA.
I do not want to get those predicting 4D numbers.

nkkhoo says:

Only the oriental daily is not controlled by BN or MCA cronies. All Chinese papers have 4D results.

My first recommendation is Oriental Daily, the second is Sin Chew. Sin Chew has more non-news contents, a plus for your daughter to gain more knowledge.

Jessie says:


Beware of the free weekly lifestyle newspaper Red Tomato – it is bought by MCA and has lots of anti-pakatan reports (mostly translated from The Star) to influnce young urban readers.

I recommend Oriental Daily, it is cheaper at only RM1.
Many newsstands dare not sell it as they are pressured by distributors of BN-controlled mainstream papers.

Zamree says:

This Ibrahim Ali is actually a disgrace to malay race!

Eori says:

Al Katak Ibrahim is an Umno agent, he got immunity from Undang Umno!

nkkhoo says:

His threat is good for PR to win more votes from Christians in East Malaysia.

Now Perkasa worries the backlash and has soften its stand on burning Bible.

Frida says:

Notice DPM is defending the toad!

Fhineas says:

Are MCA and Gerakan deaf and blind to the highly inflammatory statement of Ibrahim Ali that is creating chaos and damaging the religious harmony of our nation?

Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek and son, and Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon are silent on this matter.
What about the 4 Gerakan leaders who went all the way to Kelantan to have their hair cut by girlie barbers?

As usual, MCA and Gerakan are champions of small issues and kow tow to Perkasa.

SR_Ken says:

Prof Khoo KK has yet to make “sejarah tanah melayu” statements on mainstream TV about sejarah kebebasan keagamaan (religious freedom) in Malayan Union or Federation of Malaya or Merdeka Malaysia.
Prof Khoo KK should openly review BTN sejarah (SPM Sejarah Kertas 3) and remove racial/religious implications while he is still alive. May be Prof K like Prof Looi can ink hs statements as future evidence on ? I hope nkkhoo can pursue this matter with Prof KK.

nkkhoo says:

Prof KKK still need to get some consulting works from BN government.

Eori says:

He is hoping to be Tun KKK?

JYT says:

So what is the difference between Terry Jones and Ibrahim Ali? Whereas Terry Jones was determined to burn the Koran himself, Ibrahim Ali asked his followers to “seize those Bibles, including the Malay editions, which contained the term Allah and other Arabic religious terms, and burn them.” Would he call a press conference to burn the Alkitab himself? Dare he?

What similarity does these two share? Both are bigots. We cannot allow these fiendish monomaniacal cockroaches to contaminate the Holy Koran and the Holy Bible. Period!

Jozan says:

Bila Gila Kuasa, apa pun boleh jadi.
Lebih baik jauh dari KL waktu pengumuman keputusan PRU13.
Semoga Tuhan tidak benarkan orang bakar orang nanti.