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Anwar was the person overthrew Parti Bersatu Rakyat

project IC

Anwar was the main person to implement Dr. Mahathir’s project IC in Sabah, he should shed some light on the role he played before 1994 to RCI.

Salleh Challenges Anwar To Tell The Truth Behind Illegal Immigrants In Sabah To RCI

KOTA BELUD, Jan 22 (Bernama) — Sabah Umno liaison deputy chief Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak has challenged opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to tell the truth about the illegal immigrants to the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) tasked with looking into the long-standing problem in the state.

He asserted that Anwar was duty-bound to do so as he was Deputy Prime Minister at that particular period, adding that “he was a powerful man and knew what was going on in Sabah”.

“Don’t be a hypocrite, perharps with the inside knowledge, Anwar can help shed some light…so tell the truth to RCI. He must not play politics. At least (Datuk Seri) Najib (Tun Razak), our Prime Minister is prepared to seek the truth and approved the formation of RCI to identify the roots of the problem.

“We should not come into a conclusion and blame certain parties just because of statements by few ex-ISA (Internal Security Act) detainees. We should let RCI complete its works…What we want is a permanent solution,” he told Bernama after attending a meet-the-people session at SK Sembirai, near here today.

In this respect, Salleh, who is also State Legislative Assembly Speaker, said the people should praise and support Najib for his bold move to form the RCI.


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Fazli says:

Kementerian Dalam Negeri merupakan Kementerian yang bertanggungjawab keatas isu ini dan Dr Mahathir adalah Menteri nya dan Megat Junid, Timbalannya.

Bekas pengarah immigresen Ramli telah diarahkan untuk mengeluarkan resit dengan nombor yang sesuai dan bertepatan dengan nama dalam pendaftar pengundi. Megat Junid yang merupakan timbalan kepada Dr Mahathir yang juga Menteri Dalam Negeri semasa itu adalah orang kuat Dr Mahathir dan beliau dibantu oleh Setiausaha Politik beliau, Aziz Shamsuddin, untuk urusan pemberian kad pengenalan itu.

Nasib baik untuk Tun M yang Megat Junid dah mati. Segala kebenaran akan terbongkar bila Pakatan ambil alih kerajaan Sabah. Tunggu saja lah kita.

nkkhoo says:

Anwar was the mastermind with the full blessing from Mahathir in toppling PBS in 90s.

Maniam says:

Dr. M and BN the gangs are all out to “incriminating” DSAI because DSAI is just too powerful a leader for them to defend. Even if DSAI eventually one day were to “incriminated” by BN , the RAKYAT will still vote for him even DSAI is in jail and he will be the future PM who is voted by the RAKYAT while he is in jail. And this would be a new chapter of Malaysia history for all future generation to study.

aizat says:

Zaid said:

If we follow the actions and thinking of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters, then we must rectify the “errors’ of the past, even if it means violating established principles of the Constitution, laws and good governance.

According to them, bringing in more Muslims into Sabah in the 1990s and making them citizens was not a cynical move to help the ruling coalition win elections (although that was the immediate benefit), but to correct the mistakes of history. Simply put, the country needed to have more Muslims – even if they were foreigners from the Philippines, Pakistan or Indonesia – because Tunku Abdul Rahman “gave away” citizenship to the Chinese and Indians as part of the Merdeka agreement. Dr M somehow blames the Tunku for making citizenship “easier” for non-Malays, which he believes justifies his call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Tunku’s decision 60 years ago.

His ranting could be ignored if it weren’t for the fact that it’s dangerous. Dr M destroyed UMNO when it did his bidding and we must not allow him to destroy the country too. To advocate reviewing all past policies and disowning our former leaders’ great sacrifices is highly irresponsible. The country’s design and constitutional make-up is not like the latest Proton model for him to change at whim. Our heritage and history are ours, not his. He has lost all sense of proportion in trying to gain traction for his wayward political views to change the outcome of the General Election.

Dr M was a member of the Alliance, which agreed to adopt the principle of “jus soli” in granting citizenship to non-Malays. It was a social contract that the Malay Rulers agreed to, and which the rakyat also supported, as evidenced by the Alliance’s overwhelming victories in the 1955 and 1959 elections. Yet Dr M has no compunction ridiculing our pioneering leaders’ great effort to forge a nation. He is bent on making race a divisive issue in this General Election and he will destroy this country if his views are not accepted.

So let’s make this General Election a referendum on the man himself. If we reject him, as we must, then we can only do so by rejecting the Barisan Nasional. The eunuchs in the BN are all scared of him. I urge Malaysians to show their revulsion for this man and his ideas by rejecting the BN once and for all. We cannot solve today’s problems by harping on the past. We have to live with the past, and not find excuses when we are unable to govern well now. We solve problems by working together, by adopting peaceful means and by having big-hearted leaders like the Tunku. The revisionists of our history have to be put in their proper places.

ksq says:

BN Secret Weapon in GE 13 ! 国阵来届大选的秘密武器!

Eori says:

Very good and must watch video!

ksq says:

Anwar went to jail and reflected on his past errors/mistakes in judgement; and came out with a more balanced mind.

I think some local politicians need to be in jail to repent in this life and return to truly serve the rakyat.

Fhineas says:

Protest Against Mahathir: The Traitor “IC & Citizenship Issue”.
Date : Wed 23-01-2013
Time : 12.00noon
Venue: Water Fountain Little India Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

nkkhoo says:

Does the organizer is obeying the Peaceful Assembly Act? No one is above the law in Malaysia except Mahathir.