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Penang is a copyrighted name for the Pulau Pinang?


I have casted the same doubt many years ago when LGE made the ruling that anyone has to apply to state government for using Penang name in their events.

The official name for Penang is Pulau Pinang and Penang is never declared as the official name for Pulau Pinang state in the government gazette.

Maybe LGE and his aides wanna prove above statement is wrong.

Based on legality reason, Penang state government has no power to stop any one from using or abusing Penang name for any purpose.

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Zamree says:

My family visited Penang in December. Very nice place unlike most parts of Malaysia especially Johor in terms of cleaniness (street & government). I think the current Penang government is smart enough to learn from Singapore. Keep it up!

nkkhoo says:

But LGE has never learned transparency and accountability from Singapore.

Mr Nambikei says:

let’s hear from the the LGE :

No state approval is needed if any organisation uses the words “Penang Hokkien Run”, “Penang Malay Run”, “Penang Cancer Run” or even “Penang Starwalk” because the public knows who the organisers are and it is not a Penang state government event. But confusion can arise when the word “Penang” alone is used as in “Penang Run” for this Thaipusam Day event, when Hindus wrongly blamed the state government for organising it and not respecting this religious occasion. Gerakan and BN should explain why they chose to organise it on Thaipusam Day.

Proper use of the word Penang(alone) on events is necessary to avoid any abuse of the word Penang to drag in the state government. For events like this “Penang Run” which is used without the state government permission, the state or local government like MPPP or MPSP will not give any co-operation or relevant approvals. There is nothing the state government can do if the organisers like those in “Penang Run” insist on using the word “Penang” alone, but they have to assume full responsibility.

nkkhoo says:

Stop name calling with Tokong. I edit it this time only.

foo says:

nkkhoo’s view on Penang is very similar to that reported in The Star; and hence very likely to lose readership from Penang.

nkkhoo says:

Go read Mutaira for your pleasure. Should I care?

Jozan says:

Penjelasan pasal trademark “Penang” boleh sekalian faham menerusi :

link deleted.

nkkhoo says:

What the rebuttal in the link about Penang name dispute? There is nothing.

Link deleted for cheap promotion.