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Reinstall copy to and move to commands in Windows 7 Starter

These two commands in Windows XP folder are missing in the Windows 7 Starter, not sure other versions suffer the same problem or not.

Move to command is very useful for users who move a lot of files. I found a registry installer to reinstall the commands in internet.


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kkk says:

after i hv tried Windows 8, i realise how efficient n smooth it is.
we need to try out new improved version to appreciate it.
just like 换舊迎新,新年浄步!

Eori says:

I think nkkhoo still stuck with XP.

nkkhoo says:

Why you pay extra money to Microsoft for suck software? Keep whatever licensed version in your laptop and desktop.

The fact is 50% of world computers are still using XP. Don’t tell me that 50% people are stupid for not using Windows 8.

kkk says:

It’s time to adopt Windows 8 as most softwars & apps are touch driven these days.

nkkhoo says:

To buy a new laptop just to use Windows 8? I have to confirm my dad is rich daddy or not.

I am old fashion with shallow pocket, and use my laptop for at least 5 years before I scrap it.

Not all tasks are suitable to use touch screen, web designing is an example.