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BN government is flip-flopping again.

Malaysia depending on foreign labors is main obstacle to a developed nation

With cheaper cost to hire foreign workers, local people are sidelined to job opportunities unless they also want to be treated like foreign workers with the pathetic salary.

What is BN’s ETP to reduce foreign worker number to less than a million by 2020?

The working class people are poor in money, but they are rich in the ballot paper.

All working class people must teach BN a hard lesson in the GE for kowtow to employers again and again.

Cabinet: Foreign workers to pay levy instead of employers with immediate effect

PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet decided on Wednesday that foreign workers should pay the levy instead of employers.

The decision is to be enforced with immediate effect on new foreign workers and those who wish to renew their work pass, employment pass or temporary work visit pass.

The move is to alleviate the hiring cost for employers, said Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

“The minimum wage, which came into force this year has raised the salary for all workers on an average of between 30% and 50%, or from RM600- RM700 per month to RM900 monthly.

“The Government’s move to impose a levy on foreign workers will not be a burden to them as the levy paid is between RM34.16 and RM154.16 per month as compared to a salary increase of between RM300 to RM500 per month,” Ahmad Husni said in a statement Wednesday.

The collection of levy for foreign workers was introduced in 1992 and was fully borne by the workers until 2009 when the Government decided to shift the levy burden to employers.

The 2009 decision was aimed at controlling the increase in the number of foreign workers in the country at that time.

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LSP says:

The shits hav been created.
Send those illegal workers out then can the locals run the estates, furniture facrories etc ?????
Having said that, after GE13 somehow i believe a massive clear out is necessary. Suffer short term for a better future.
For those living in Muar, can expect “furniture lelong sale” soon as many towkays goin out of business (with min wage fiasco) and sell off inventory at cheap prices.

纸评 says:



难道这就是蔡细厉总会长要的乱? 想人民感到害怕? 让人想起以前的513?


nkkhoo says:

Serve those companies paying shitty salary to workers well.

Why I care these foreign worker-run factories?

You should vote MCA to give Chua more power when he negotiated with MCA labor minister.

nkkhoo says:

You and the boss’s wife and daughters can sell bodies to foreign labors to make up the minimum salary.

Anyway, your ID will be banned.

辛辣火热 says:


nkkhoo says:

Do you want employers to pay RM300 for foreign workers?

Local workers have to eat glass because no employers will pay RM900 for local worker.

Let use your brain to think, don’t make yourself a fool by listening to PR who suggest RM 1,500.

Kuanqiao says:

Strange for you to associate the comment with PR.

nkkhoo says:

PR has higher target for the minimum salary.

PR complained RM900 is too high not ridiculous?

Kuanqiao says:

Looks like the half-bake minimum wage policy that was not properly planned and implemented has been taken advantage by the foreign workers who are organising strike in protest.
Looks like furniture taukes in Muar will not have a peaceful new year as the snakes are now emerging with industrial action.

Jozan says:

ya, kita harus ikut “conscience”. Jangan dipermainkan oleh slogan slogan yang tidak mencerminkan hal-hal yang sebenarnya.

Rakyat Malaysia secara umumnya masih tidak kaya seperti banya keluarga kroni dan jangan bazir (wang tukar tangan kanan ke kiri) dengan Psy !

Fazli says:

Sudahkah saudara nkkhoo membaca Buku “Panduan Penjelasan Isu Semasa” ini disediakan oleh Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA), Kementerian Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan (KPKK)?

Buku ini mempertahankan polisi BN dengan alasan yang tidak bernas lansung untuk mengelirukan rakyat. Nampaknya BTN sekarang dalam terbitan buku untuk cuci otak rakyat.

Harap saudara nkkhoo dapat buat ulasan yang tulus untuk membetulan fakta agar rakyat tidak ditipu.

nkkhoo says:

My rebuttals are given in the 100 reasons say NO to BN and UMNO.

Someone may want to translate them into Bahasa Malaysia for new generations.

Fazli says:

Saudara nkkhoo tak fasih Bahasa Malaysia?
Bukankah anda graduate di universiti tempatan?

nkkhoo says:

I cannot spend too much time on my blog. I limit my time to less than a hour a day, may be I can extend to two hours per day for the next 60 days.

Sandy says:


Thanks for the link.

Looks like there will be lots of things for nkkhoo to launch an offence to counter the lies!

nkkhoo: It shall be offensive.

Over to you, nkkhoo!
Your rebuttals will attract more readers.