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Green shit supports PR is as bad as Green Perkasa supports BN


Vote in PR associated with Green Perkasa is as bad as vote in BN associated with Malay Perkasa.

What kind of shitty green if they support fossil burning in the power plants and enjoy comfortable life in the cities at the cost of warming up the plant.

What kind of civil movement if they violate the law and threaten to sabotage the public order in a city?

Himpunan Hijau to campaign against BN
Alyaa Azhar | January 30, 2013

It will hit the trail in eight parliamentary and 23 state constituencies.

PETALING JAYA: Himpunan Hijau will campaign for Pakatan Rakyat candidates who uphold the green agenda in the coming general election.

It will campaign against Barisan Nasional in eight parliamentary and 23 state constituencies from Kuantan to Cameron Highlands, making it a “Green Corridor”.

Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack said: “We have come to the conclusion that now’s the time to vote in a new government that will listen to the people.”

He added that it is high time for all Malaysians to rise and protect the country from the BN government which supports toxic companies like Lynas.

“Lynas will have to be closed after GE13 and that’s a promise,” said Wong.

“We will campaign against BN in eight parliamentary and 23 state constituencies from Kuantan to Cameron Highlands, making it a ‘Green Corridor’.

“We will focus on six parliamentary seats and 14 state constituencies in Pahang. The six parliamentary seats are Kuantan, Indera Mahkota, Temerloh, Raub, Cameron Highlands and Bentong.

“We call on activists to come to the Pahang Green Corridor to campaign on environmental issues. In the weeks to come, constituency-level committees will be set up to organise talks.”

Wong also stressed that villagers will be their focus.

“This is to ensure that they get the right information so that they will make the right decision.

“Ultimately, it is all about people’s power. We don’t care who is in position as long as the power is in the people’s hands,” he said.

Verbal assurance

When asked how sure Himpunan Hijau is of Pakatan’s promise to stop operations in Lynas, Wong said that they have a verbal assurance from Pakatan.

“We have verbal assurance from Pakatan that if it wins in the GE13, it will close down the Lynas plant.

“We take this promise seriously. We give Pakatan a maximum of 30 days if it wins after the election for all operations at the Lynas plant to stop,” he said.
Wong maintained that if BN were to win, it would not be a problem and the struggle goes on.

“We had sent the ultimatum to the BN government on Dec 31, 2012 that either the Lynas plant is closed down or the BN government will be forced out in the election.

“BN’s arrogance has made it clear that voting it out of Putrajaya is the only means to kick Lynas out of Malaysia.”

Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat said that the BN government at both federal and state levels must be changed to stop environmental hazard in Malaysia.

“These treacherous acts of turning Malaysia into a rubbish dump for foreign countries like Australia and Taiwan have brought shame to our anti-colonial forefathers like Datuk Bahaman, Tok Gajah and Mat Kilau.

“We’ve been given the mandate to take care of the earth, not to destroy it. We don’t inherit the world from our ancestors, we just borrow them for our children,” he said.

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莱莱 says:


nkkhoo says:

He threaten to burn down Lynas plant after GE13 if the plant is still there.

Go learn the violent way of protests from that idiot if you want Chinese turn in a pariah-like society.

Thai army has to shot dead Thailand violent protesters to restore public order.

Do not blame the authorities for using live bullets when you are taking the law into your hands.

Maniam says:

Oeko-Institute, a German scientific research institute specialising in environmental issues, recently conducted a study on behalf of the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) movement to detail the environmental impact of the Gebeng plant.

Oeko-Institute in its report has warned that the controversial Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng has not met safety standards, confirming widespread fears which have resulted in continued public protests against the Australian firm.

The report has warned that Lynas’s Residue Storage Facilities (RSF) is not state-of-the-art with respect to leakage prevention. A state-of-the-art design would use 2.5 mm HDPE and at least two 25 cm layers of clay instead of 1 mm HDPE [High Density Polyethylene] and only a single 30 cm layer of clay. The inappropriate layout will result in leakage of radioactive and toxic constituents to the near roundwater even under normal operating conditions.

The report also notes that the waste water discharged by Lynas after having used it to dissolve rare earth compounds would contain toxic constituents, and as such allowing it to be transported some three kilometres to the Balok river before finally flowing to the South China Sea was unacceptable as it could be consumed by humans and animals. Water of this low quality should be transported in a pipeline that does not allow seepage to escape to the groundwater and prevent unintended water use.

The report further points to a lack of safety measures on storage of hazardous materials inside the plant such as concentrated acids, as well as the absence of a permanent disposal facility to manage wastes. No waste generation should be allowed until the necessary steps to establish such a facility have been performed to the required safety standards and until this management option has been finally established.

nkkhoo says:

Why Green hired consultant says nothing about radioactive risk?

Green Himpunan is talking bullshit on radioactive risk, a fake story to scare off orang kampong with no brain.

JK Lim says:

Radioactive risk is the key worry for Lynas plant. The anti-Lynas group hired a German environmental expert to access the safety particularly radioactive risk related to the Lynas plant.

Ironically, the particular expert found many other potential environmental hazards but does not include radioactive risk as one.

He reported:”The environmental consequences from the emission of radon over the cracking facility’s stack are small. Even when introducing more strict assumptions in the dose calculation the associated dose and risk remains negligible.” is negligible (check pg 26-27 in the full report).

Instead of the radioactive risks, which is the real worry of many, the expert has pointed out many other potential environmental hazards that could caused by Lynas plant. Come on, I would assume there are many much-worse-than-Lynas kilang-kilang existed in Malaysia! For example, oil and gas industry also associated with radioactive risks. So why just hitting on Lynas?

So why anti-Lynas group still insist that Lynas plant poses radioactive risk? I did not follow closely on anti-Lynas group’s news and activities, so I’m not sure what is the their basis on this radioactive issue.

P/S: For those who interested in reading the full report, you can download it here:

nkkhoo says:

If you follow Green Shit from day one, these below arguments used by them.

1. Lynas plant is another nuclear power plant.

2. Lynas plant is another Bukit Merah rare earth plant.

3. The total radioactive dose are the summation of individual radioactive particle and contain in a singular point. So, Lynas plant is more radioactive than a nuclear bomb.

Solar panel manufacturing plants in Kedah and Melaka discharge more chemical toxin is non-issue to Green Shit because one of them is located in PR state.

Maniam says:

Very heartwarming to witness the rise of resistance from environmental groups towards potentially hazardous mega projects in our country.

Our citizens are asserting their rights, and holding governments and corporations accountable to the people and the environment. Instead of being defensive, the best way forward for the government and businesses like Lynas is to engage the public proactively and be transparent about the details of the projects. Unfortunately they chose to engage bloggers to supress any view against such mega projects that are deemed to cause damages to the environment.

nkkhoo says:

Another donkey talk like Mahathir. Show the world the proof that Lynas pays me or Dr. Looi.

I will delete any such unsubstantiated statement in future.

That Green Himpunan is not real green environmentalists, they are PR supporters masqueraded as green activists.

Ngayub says:

Samseng liar kacau Himpunan Hijau:

nkkhoo says:

The green assembly in Penang is illegal as per law.

Before Green calls Perkasa a samseng, take a mirror to see themselves first.

Samseng title should be given to anyone who is calling illegal assembly and threaten to block traffic in Kuantan.

Ngayub says:

PERKASA and UMNO are twins, each is tasked with a different aspect of hoodwinking the Melayu in Malaysia. One is tasked with reaching out to the ultras – the racial chauvinists who look upon themselves as “People of the Master Race”.

The other one, is tasked with raking in as much moolah as possible, by any means, fleecing all the people, including the Melayus, to make themselves richer than God.

莱莱 says:


莱莱 says:

Lynas 废料可以制作成什么副商品?这点当局从来没有透露过~红泥山(Bukit Merah)的废料,几十年了,不是还储存住吗?为什么不见有关当局去制作成副商品?(如有雷同纯粹巧合)

hf tan says:

nkkhoo hates green and blue. then what color you readers think he’ll wear on ge13 ?
i think he shall be topless partyless armchair critic.