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Psy's horse dance must be banned also by Jakim

gangnam style

Accordingly to Guan Ming Daily, PSY will be the special guest for BN’s  CNY Celebration on 11 February in Penang.

The show fee for PSY is also world class, RM 1.5 million for a 5-minute show by PSY in China.

If Samsung sponsors PSY’s show in a political rally, Malaysian consumers should boycott Samsung for mingling its business with Malaysia domestic politics.

Psy’s horse dance is also conflicting with Islamic teaching although no Christianity’s element in the dance. Sexy female dancers crossing in between two legs of a male dance is definitely “un-islamic” value.

Jakim related Valentine’s Day to vice is ridiculous, some Malaysian Muslims engage in illegal sex activity happen in every day.

Young volunteers advise Muslims not to celebrate Valentine’s Day

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 – More than 300 volunteers between 19 to 25 years-old today joined a programme to make Muslims wary of the importance of not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The programme called “Jerat Hari Valentine” (Valentine’s Day Trap) targets several locations in Kuala Lumpur, said director-general of Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Datuk Othman Mustapha.

“The young volunteers can advice and explain Valentine’s Day to the Muslim community. This is the first time that Jakim is involving young people in addressing the Valentine’s Day issue.

“They will target Muslim youths, parents and the community to create awareness about the importance of not celebrating Valentine’s Day,” he told reporters after launching the programme at Masjid As-Syakirin, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) here.

The programe involves locations around KLCC and Bukit Bintang, Masjid India, KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral and Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Jakim director of Family, Social and Community Division, Saimah Mokhtar hopes parents take the ban on Valentine’s Day celebration seriously as it has elements of Christianity and mixed with vices forbidden by Islam.

The ban was issued at the 71st meeting of the National Fatwa Council Committee for Islamic Affairs in 2005.

Participant Siti Balqis Samsudin, 23, said the programme could help build confidence and courage to combat social ills among young people.

“The programme is also able to educate myself with knowledge to help other young people,” said the university student.

Siti Wan Norain Mohammad Azman, 19, said despite feeling scared of advising others, she remained positive by lending support and aid to the programme.

Her goal was to educate young people who still do not know why Valentine’s Day celebration is in conflict with Islamic teachings. – Bernama

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金貴 says:


PSY担任槟州国阵年初二团拜演出嘉宾,预计献唱3首歌,其中包括红遍全球的《Gangnam Style》。不过,当天是否会演唱3首歌,则视这名国际巨星而定。


《Gangnam Style》这首歌的原意是对高度繁华的丑陋的讽刺,在国阵团拜时演出具有潜意识。这就像是在反斥国阵的内部丑陋文化。

Kuanqiao says:

JAKIM told malays to hate Valentine Day to avoid pre-marital sex.
You do not need PAS to go Taliban way.
Not sure if JAKIM approve those scantily clad female dancers of Psy.

Jozan says:

jangan jangan nanti AhJibGor dimalukan oleh Psy yang terpaksa menari mengikut lirik Ubah Roket Style oleh penduduk Pulau Pinang ?

Connie says:

Stupid to waste money on Psy. UBAH ROKET STYLE is more appealing to Penangites.

ZannyBGood says:

Do you beleive BN when they say PSY appearance is paid by private firm?

BN will get someone to”sponsor” you help me, I help you. if they can squeeze this kind of money out of these cronies, why can’t they use it for more meaniful things? Things that will benefit the poor and those really in needs? Nothing is free, the rakyat will pay for it eventually.

Rakyat is calling at PSY facebook not to come now & getting corrupted money from BN that robbed from its people.

Rakyat sedang seru PSY jgn dtg kerja utk wang rausah dr BN…网民已呼吁PSY不要现在来赚BN的贪污钱了. 大家也去呼吁吧!!

obh says:

预料PSY在年初二当天,将会与阿Jib gor,还有与Jib Gor总是形影不离的“第一夫人”肥婆罗斯玛,一起同台“演出",大跳 op…op…op…Oppa Gangnam Style….

只不过,一项来很懂得抢镜出风头的肥婆,到时候不知道会不会跳出另一般风味的“Rosmah Style”骑马舞,把Psy压到靠边站,到时台下的民众真的是“无瘾”咯….

Kuanqiao says:

Ng Yen Yen will perform MCA last dance on the same platform with Psy to bid final goodbye to Malaysian politics?
Or it is just to sidetrack the issue of high level of Hydrogen Cynide in Raub?

obh says:




obh says:

大选糖果应辨好坏 胡乱吃糖损肾伤身

kim soon says:

国阵执政超50年 人民依然受苦 !!!!

Mansor says:

Psy and his troupe is paid at least USD1 million per performance.

So rakyat is screwed one more time by this BN’s wastage.

Rais should tell Najib to have kuda kepang performance instead to support local culture.

Soon Quah says:

After get book voucher, uni student will still vote PR. after getting BR1M, low income group will still vote PR, after finish makan at BN ceramah, people leave n still will vote PR, after BN people provide transport to voters to voting venue, rakyat will still vote PR..same thing will happen : after finish see performance of PSY go home and come GE they still vote PR.

nkkhoo says:

You are blinded like many PR supporters, another 10+ public universities’ pro-BN students won the student union elections.

Young voters are the king makers, and most Malay young voters support UMNO if the election results in the universities are yardstick for GE13.

raj says:

How to ask JAKIM to object to BN’s plan when JAKIM is under UMNO?
It shows ignorance on the political issue in Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

PR politicians made more “ignorant” calls.

Are they ignorant about double standards practiced by BN?

莱莱 says:

我还没来得及掏出钱包,听到人群中一个围着花围巾卖糕点的Aunty用闽南话发炮: “哇!请PSY 来要用整百万的咧! 政府把我们人民的钱当垃圾来乱丢啊?他以为请PSY 来Penang我们就会投他一票?叫他去Jia Sai(吃屎) 啦!”

这虽然是一句草根的话语,却是人民高度的觉醒。Aunty也叫“你”去Jia Sai,“你” 听到了吗?

PSY 来马假如被打抢就真是全球头版新闻。哈哈哈

nkkhoo says:

PSY’s show fee is at least RM750,000 per show.

No matter who pays for the fee, the money is flowed out to Korea.