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Shot dead any violent protesters


Wong Tat said he has no hesitate to burn down Lynas plant if Lynas is still operating after 30-day of GE13.

If Green Himpunan wanted to bring in violent demonstrations like the red-shirts in Bangkok, be prepared to face the crack down as what Thai army did on violent demonstration with live bullets.

This fellow is like Perkasa Ibrahim Ali who disregard the law and public order.

According to Pattai Ghani, the threat to burn Bible is in verbal form only, no offense is made actually. In another word, you are free and legal to make verbal threats in the media like killing Prime Minister, burning down factories you do not like, burning down Bible and Al-Quran, bombing airplane, etc.

I found perplexing too see a government to allow threat on the public order be made freely in the newspaper and no legal action is taken against them.

Both of them shall be arrested and put into jail before causing irreparable damage to racial harmony and public security.

Najib’s administration is weak and lost on what to do with these potential threats to national security and public order.

This is another solid reason to kick out BN because the rule of law is not followed.


大馬 2013-02-03 19:48





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