Terrorism >>>

Wong Tack, stop abusing 'rakyat' are behind you to burn down Lynas plant


Go ahead to burn down any factory dislike by you, but let stop using “rakyat” are behind your fxxing terrorizing tactic.

You can be a real “tokong” after being killed in your unlawful attack on Lynas plant. I will donate a few ringgit for your supporters to build a temple for you.

A garment factory in Indonesia was burned down by Indonesian workers for salary dispute. I doubt Taiwanese investors will go to Indonesia again after the mob attack.

Wong Tack and Ibrahim Ali will be prosecuted in court in Singapore if they were Singaporeans. Both are extremists!

There is no hope to keep any paper tiger government like BN to administer Malaysia.

要聞 中馬 地方 2013-02-03 19:48


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LSP says:

Wong Tack made a fool of all of us; and his strategy works to become very prominent with his burning statement. Now see blow he declared its just a “gimmick” ?

apparently he used Sun Tzu Art of War to gain attention and may be able to knock out Leow this time ?

nkkhoo says:

I don’t really bother who win, they are in the same category of liar.

纸评 says:


Jenson T says:

Kwong Hwa newspaper polling at he moment 84% favours Wong Tack; and this would have angered nkkhoo when majority seems not in line with nkkhoo anti green movement ??????

nkkhoo says:

How many Chinese in Malaysia? 25% of Malaysian population.

How many Kwongwah readers vote in the survey? 50 people or 0.00000001.7% of Malaysian population.

Another PR supporter with the utmost stupidity talking without using a single cell of brain.

JasOne says:

Strange that Wong Tack made the cover of ASIA EYE (Feb issue) magazine but not prominent Dr. Looi.

nkkhoo says:

Osama bin Ladin also appeared in the Times cover page. What is your point?

You seem very proud with Asia Eye, a magazine owned by a BN crony from Sarawak. The same person owns the Sin Chew, Nanyang and China Press.