2Smart Malaysia >>>

Projek mendedah hujah-hujah palsu oleh Kementerian Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan


Project name: 2Smart Malaysia

Goal: To rebut twisted facts and lies in the BN government’s white book.

Dateline: 8 March 2013.

Why 8 March? The date is every Malaysian remembers forever for the shock wave caused by the political tsunami in GE12.

I need more volunteers to rebut twisted facts and lies in the brainwashing book published by Rais Yatim.

Please choose a topic familiar to you and rebut twisted points in the book with facts and logics. The language used is bahasa Malaysia only because the targeted audience is Malays and young generations who are handicapped in English.

I have missed Bahasa Malaysia for last 20 years, thus I’m not sure my BM is still conforming to today’s BM standard or bahasa baku as advocated by Anwar.

Stop to be a NATO [No Action Talk Only] person, your active participation is adding value, otherwise let stop commenting or asking me or others to do something.

“Manusia yang paling keji ialah meminta orang lain membuat kerja yang boleh ditanggungi sendiri. ”

An example is an adult who has never registered as a voter is asking others to vote PR for a change of government.

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jhf says:

It will be good if TV1 can invite nkkhoo to its Bicara Rakyat program to debate on this issue.

Pasti meletop!

nkkhoo says:

Are BN stupid to show their lies in front of the rakyat?

Kuanqiao says:

You cannot basmi the hujah palsu, you can only menentang or bahas hujah tipu BN.

nkkhoo says:

Positive charge will neutral the negative charge.

seah says:

NKKHOO does not watch Astro. If he watches Astro for the last few days, he will notice Astro Awani & Bernama channels now follow TV3/RTM in full force demonising Pakatan (especially Anwar) in various ways. May be NKKHOO can access Tonton to realize how desperate BN now that PRU13 is around the corner !

nkkhoo says:

Watching BN China communist styled TV stations will shorten your life span because your emotion will agitated which is harmful to blood vessels.

Doris Hee says:

While the Chinese support almost bottoming out with no hope of being revived before the upcoming GE, there is now a team of people at the Prime Minister’s Department directly monitoring all the Mandarin news on TV to ensure that ‘undesirable’ elements are edited out before they are aired.

wee chin says:


LCL says:


nkkhoo says:

You can make more money in Malaysia if you venture into business.

LCL says:

假使35%马来选 票、80%华裔选票和50%印裔选票投给民联,民联可以在柔佛赢得20个国会选区.
如果国阵在柔佛火烧连环船,民联可能单凭半岛的议席,就已跨过112席 执政门槛.
民主行动党峇吉里和麻坡国会选区联委会将于16.02.2012 (星期六),7.30pm 假峇吉里国会选区竞选总部主办新春团拜.

兴 旺 发 says:


Kuanqiao says:

By writing in BM, pakcik Khoo has attracted malays to his site?

Kuanqiao says:

Any statistic to support such claim?

If indeed so, nkkhoo would have been invited by MCMC for special interview.

Anyway must congratulate pakcik khoo for his excellent standard of BM, which should have got him at least a B grade in SPM?

nkkhoo says:

My BM standard is dropped 50% after 20 years of abandonment.

I wrote 1,500 words essay in SPM, it backfired for violating the exam requirement.

Anyway, my essays in STPM’s general paper are always the gold standard for others.

jhf says:

Can publish your BM articles from your general paper?

Be careful as Ridhuan Tee is known for plagiarizing other people’s work.

nkkhoo says:

My teacher kept them, no photocopier in the olden time.

Bakri Chik says:

Rakyat jangan terpedaya dengan isu lapuk yang dimainkan semula Umno dan BN, sebaliknya memastikan BN mendapat pengajaran pada pilihan raya umum.

azrai says:

perisik 007 malaysia yang membuka minda orang ramai supaya tak di aniayai oleh pelampau puak kroni muflis !

Jozan says:

Orang Johor harus sedar jangan di tipu lagi.

ikut rentak nkkhoo yang bersentimental dengan MCA (untuk local issues seperti buat jalan) tapi conscience tetap minta UBAH untuk masa depan kita.

Kuanqiao says:

MCA should work with JASA to produce mandarin version of the booklets as many chinese cannot read BM.

Leslie Loh says:

JASA’s Panel Pemikir must consisting of those academicians seeking promotion and are willing to sell-out to be BN propaganda spokepersons.

Fazli says:

mukasurat 295:

“saya nak nyatakan, Atas nama ALLAH WALLAHI WABILLAHI WATALLAHI bahawa saya tidak terlibat dan saya tidak mengenali perempuan Moggolia yang dituduh sewenang-wenangnya oleh pihak yang tertentu. Biarlah ALLAH menjadi saksi kepada apa yang saya katakan di dalam Masjid Guar Perahu ini, saya tidak mahulah orang kata ini satu sumpah rasmi…. Mudah-mudahan ALLAH SWT akan menentukan segalagalanya. Terima kasih Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.”
– Lafaz sumpah Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak di depan jemaah Masjid Guar Perahu, Pulau Pinang pada 22 Ogos 2008

Betul. Allah akan menentukan bahawa Prophecy RAHMAN berakhir dengan Najib sebagai PM terakhir dari Umno!

Fazli says:

Mukasurat 57: “Dakwaan rasuah BN oleh media sosial mengenai rasuah dibuat berasaskan laporan oleh agensi luar negara.”

Dah terbukti oleh Lapuran AG yang keluarga Sharizat menyalah-guna duit NFC untuk membeli kondo si Singapura. Apakah ini bukan rasuah? SPRM tutup mata saje!
jangan tuduh media social, padahal media BN seperti TV3 and Utusan memutar-belitkan kebenaran.

Bayan Baru Simple Man says:

Jozan is right.
I have been brainwashed to many extent by maintream media all these years to vote for Gerakan/MCA.
I now read Buletin Mutiara to understand true scenarios like Buah pala issues or sPICE issue.
If nkkhoo comes to join Najib in Penang for Psy’s performance, I hope he gets to witness the transformation of PISA intyo sPICE. Seeing is believing.

nkkhoo says:

Mutiara is just another people brainwashing material to serve PR and Lim Guan Eng. 3/4 of photos are showing LGE’s face is a disgusting matter to any rational readers.

There are many facts in Anil blog to rebut sPICE and Kampung Buah Pala issues.

For neutral Malaysians, you either to read Anil blog or my blog for unbiased opinions, don’t be fooled by BN and PR.

Jozan says:

sila subscribe newsletter (link below) untuk penerangan yang lebih telus berhubung dengan keadaan semasa di Pulau pinang.

Untuk mereka di luar Pulau Pinang, Buletin Mutiara (pdf version) boleh memberi penjelasan yang sebetulnya.