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The Malay words I learned when I was a pre-school kid

gersik town

This is a Malay pantun I learned from old folks before I learned Malay language in the primary school.

Cantik oh cantik,
Molek oh molek,
Kahwinlah orang Grisek!

We little kids in the new village used to chant “Cantik Molek, Kahwin Gersik” whenever we saw the pretty Malay twin girls were riding on bicycles in my village. The twins have a mixed parental, their mother is a Chinese girl adopted by a Malay family.

Actually we little naughty kids did not know the meaning for the pantun, but the girls were always smiling because they seemed like the “cantik” and “molek” in the pantun.

I was told at several years ago by a friend who used to be a colleague with a twin in an electronic manufacturer in Melaka that one of the twins is still single.

The first Malay word I learned in the school is “Cawan”, and the second is “Tali”. Luckily my teacher did not teach us “Telur” and “Itik” in the first BM lesson.

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