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Hujah palsu di muka surat 6 :: Malaysia boleh mencapai Wawasan 2020 [Vision 2020 attainable? Another joke from Mahathir]

muka surat 06

Dr. Mahathir mencadang Wawasan 2020 pada tahu 1991 dengan sasaran bahawa KDNK pada tahun 2020 akan meningkat 8 kali ganda berbanding dengan KDNK pada tahun 1990.

Syarat yang paling penting ialah sekurang-kurangnya mencapai 7% kadar pertumbuhan KDNK dalam jangka masa tiga puluh tahun.

Kerajaan BN di bawah Najib teleh mengubah matlamat kadar pertumbajan dari 7% ke 6%. Adakah mungkin matlamat Wawasan 2020 asal boleh dicapai dengan kekurangan 1%?

Murid-murid sekolah rendah pun tahu tak mungkin.

Tapi Pak Cik Khoo ini juratera akan menerangkan dengan data-data untuk membukti 1% perbezaan akan membawa akibat yang parah.

Kadar 6%: RM 1.0 (1990) akan bertumbah menjadi RM 5.42 (2020)

Kadar 7%: RM 1.0 (1990) akan bertumbuh menjadi RM 7.11 (2020)

Ingat sekali, sasaran Wawasan 2020 adalah 8 kali ganda atau RM 1.0 menjadi RM 8.0.

Dalam anggaran terbaik, kadar pertumbuhan KDNK sebenar secara purata dari tahun 1990 sehingga 2020 tidak akan menlebihi 6%.

Pak Cik Khoo ini baik hati, suri menerima 6% sebagai satu sasaran yang boleh dicapai oleh kerajaan BN.

Malangnya, angka ini hanya mencapai 68% matlamat asal yang tertera dalam Wawasan 2020.

Wawasan 2020 boleh dicapai dengan kadar pertumbuhan 6% adalah satu pembohongan besar dari BN.

Vision 2020 attainable: Dr Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR (Mar 1, 2013): Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is optimistic and confident that Malaysia will become a developed nation by 2020 despite facing various challenges along the way.

“I believe we (Malaysia) can do it and will become a developed country,” he said, noting that the country had grown rapidly since he announced the vision on Feb 28, 1991.

Dr Mahathir delivered a speech titled ‘The Last Lap of Vision 2020: Can We Achieve It?’ at the ‘Commemorating Vision 2020: An Evening with Tun Dr Mahathir’ function in Seri Kembangan here last night.

He said since its announcement, Vision 2020 had served as a catalyst for the country’s rapid development. This, he said, had created more professionals in the country which was also turning into a noteworthy education hub. “We’re growing very fast and it’s all due to Vision 2020,” he said.

The event was jointly organised by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute and Cheng Ho Multi-Culture Education Trust in conjunction with the 22nd anniversary of the announcement of Vision 2020.

Dr Mahathir also advised younger generations to follow through with the vision and not let it be derailed by any unnecessary changes in the country.

Alluding to the country’s upcoming general election, he said: “Vote intelligently and according to the reality of the country, and not by emotions. I’m not campaigning but just stating a fact.” – Bernama

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Hasnim says:

Wawasan 2020?
The Malaysia economy today is still relying on cheap imported labour for labour intensive activities. Even if the salary can go up by 2020, the Ringgit will not be strong and inflation will wipe up any increase in purchasing power.
Remember 1$ Singapore = RM2.50 now while the two currencies used to be on par in value!

kaulat says:


ABCD says:


全球最大和最具影响力的金融机构之一Morgan Stanley摩根士丹利最近作出警告,大马正面临“荷兰病”威胁,即结构性改革放缓的问题,以致私人界的投资趋于低迷的情况。




其实,经济学领域所说的荷兰病(Dutch Disease)指的是一个资源丰富的国家,过度依赖资源的出口,对国家长期的发展也许却是有害的。



Kuanqiao says:

BN is spending big on unnecessary projercts and will plunge the nation into the abyss of debt far deeper than the current RM500 billions.
Meanwhile household debt will increase as young people are saddled with car loan, housing loan ( taken at 90% of house price) and PTPTN loan…and have to pay more in GST, utilities hike, petrol price hike, higher food price…this is the wawasan of bankrupt nation that Idris Jala has honestly hinted before BN’s cover up.

2shy2say says:

Indonesia known as one of the most corrupt country in the world. Once we were third place in list of the most corrupt countries, and frankly no one surprised.

Things start to getting a little bit better, but even after all the efforts corruption still a serious problem here. But somehow this days in Indonesia I can’t imagine if someone caught red handed or just alleged in corruption could go easily. Even if there is attempt to cover it up, our media won’t let it. Any alleged rat will be seen by the people with prejudices and most likely won’t be able to go back on top

even with our standar I find it difficult to understand what is going on in Malaysia’s justice system

Leslie Loh says:

To achieve Wawasan 2020, we should have an efficient, competent Civil Service that are chosen and appointed, promoted based on merit and merit alone, the determination to go after corruption like Singapore. No wastage of public funds down the drain on projects the country and the people do not benefit from. We have been told that we will go bankrupt by 2019 due to high debt and deficit budget year after year. In short we should have a government, A NEW GOVERNMENT. That will be a good beginning. Malaysia and Malaysians have no other choice.

nkkhoo says:

Inefficient and corrupt public service is just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle on why Malaysia is trapped in middle-income trap.

Malaysian companies are lagging behind in innovation and R&D compared to Korean and Taiwanese counterparts.

Pendrive technology is fully developed in Taiwan although the founder is a Malaysian.