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Millions ringgit for Psy in return for NO to BN response is a wake up call for Najib and BN

If BN thinks by paying BR1M candies and engaging Psy will change the corrupt BN’s image is another a king with his new cloth story.

The No…… responds from the crowds for “Are you ready for BN?” are censored in the NTV7 news.

BN blamed this video is a sabotage plot by PR supporters. I quoted a news clip from The Sun, pro-BN newspaper.

Psy wows the crowd at BN's CNY

Another evidence from The Singapore Channel 5.

TV3 was using China communist propaganda technique to alter “NO….” to “Oooo…”.

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Janji Manismu says:

Nasib Pulau Pinag dan Selangor di PRU13 sudah pasti.

Yang panas dekat kubu kubu di Johor. Perisik nkkhoo harus tak pilih kasih dan kasi lapuran semasa yang lebih segenap dimensi.

JB Heartlander says:






2)拨出1亿令吉福利金,用于拨款给乐龄人士,残障人士,单亲妈妈,新生儿,小中学生 及国立大学生。


nkkhoo says:

Keep on repeating lie by Lim Guan Eng.

Reduce RM600 million deficit is no more than transferring state assets to Federal government in return of annual re-payment scheme.

How many state land was sold by LGE to get cash for his so-called cash handout for poor people and Chinese schools?

Who made Penang as the silicon island?

damien says:

maradona scored with hand of god for argentina to knock out england in world cup match.
plenty of protest but result is final and no dispute allowed.
same logic applies here.
final results count, not how it is done so long as it is a winner.

兴 旺 发 says:


辛辣火热 says:


Kuanqiao says:

Psy received death threat or is it an attempt by Gerakan to cover up their embarrassment with lies?

Bakri Chik says:

Sangat tidak menasabah sedangkan ramai artis tempatan berbakat besar boleh diundang. Belum ada penyanyi tempatan dibayar sedemikian mahal.

BN meminggirkan bakat tempatan. Mana rakyat didahulukan?

BN pandai boros duit rakyat. Penonton terang terang menolak BN di depan matanya sendiri.

Kuanqiao says:

Najib should have invited Ah Beng Jack Lim and his movie cast instead.

Kuanqiao says:

The ‘NO, NO, NO’ chant is a ripple from the 308 sacred ground of Han Chiang will be generated into another strong tsunami to reach Johor this time to remind the Johoreans to play their part this time round to deny BN any vote, state or parliament!

改朝換代 says:

PSY年初二蒞临槟城“一个大马新春大团拜”时,没走到台前与阿Jib gor和国阵领袖领袖一起捞生,令场面尴尬。一众高官在台上呆呆站了五分钟,自讨无趣,最后才自己下台。
Satu Penang!! 阿Jib Gor 还以为民众会回应Malaysia,怎知道民众都回应Penang 哈哈哈!

boon heng says:

蔡细厉在麻坡家具廠400外勞罷工的事件说 “如果两周内不解决,马华就会一起示威”,为什么马华要示威?向政府示威?马华不知道自己是执政党之一吗?

nkkhoo says:

MCA is a powerless component party in BN. Shame on CSL!

辛辣火热 says:




azrai says:

khabarnya MCA Open House di Kulai dibanjiri oleh Bangla yang memaparkan “I Love PM”. Jumlah pekerja asing melebihi bilangan kaum Cina yang melawat.
CD Chua telah mengesahkan yang orang Cina johor dah muak dengan slogan MCA yang menakutkan iaitu rusuhan akan berlaku bila dia kalah nanti. Memang MCA ada penyokong yang sedia buat huru hara seperti di kilang kilang perabut dekat Muar nanti. Saya gesa nkkhoo berwaspada dengan mca yang terdesak nanti – macam macam boleh berlaku !

nkkhoo says:

Perkasa and Pekida will amok in Kampong Baru if UMNO lose in the election. This is a thing Malays should be aware.

I am assured you that Chinese mafia will not amok if MCA lose in GE13.

Boon Tien says:

Our mainstream newspapers and PDRM report a packed Merdeka stadium full of people on the field, terraces, car park and surrounding roads to be between 50,000 – 80,000. The Bersih rally jammed-packed on the streets of KL to be less than 100,000. But a not so jam-packed gound of Han Chiang College can take more than 80,000 crowd. We, the people of Malaysia know how to dicepher good reporting from bad.

azrai says:

nkkhoo tk damping masyarakat melayu jadi tak sedar perubahan minda di kalangan bandar lagipun di kampung halaman.
Macam macam ceramah melalui media social dah buka minda pakcik makcik supaya jangan lagi diperdaya oleh janji kosong yang tidak ditepati lansung!
saya seru pembangkitan jiwa semangat yang betul betul membasmikan kemiskinan dan halau kroni-kroni yang rosak akidah.

Kuanqiao says:

The night before the event Najib went around Gurney Drive distributing Ah Jib Kor ang pow with bribe money but this is certainly a backfire stunt as Penangites unlike Johoreans do not appreciate such low crass gesture. I took the money and donated it Rocket election fund the next day. Noticed many used Ah Jib Kor ang pow packets were dumped to the dustbins after they are emptied! Najib can only get the mamak support at the Nasi Beratur area as the trip objective failed miserably to convince the chinese to give him the vote. Even Psy refused to join him on stage to be his political tool.

nkkhoo says:

Johoreans have been receiving big ang koh from BN since merdeka unlike ah jir ang poh to Penangites.

Every TNB post in my village is installed with a lamp recently like in the city. I shake my head in disbelief for the wasteful project.

Every Chinese house in new village is given two cartons of Chinese orange by BN for this snake new year.

Pull your hairs off if you envy on ang poh to Johoreans.

Kuanqiao says:

In that case Johor will be the Holland for MCA.
Take the orange and taste it while the sweetness last.

nkkhoo says:

Johor will be still under BN. This is collective opinion I gathered in Johor.

If PR especially DAP has never changed its last minute show up tactic, BN will be the winner in every GE for next 50 years.

Kuanqiao says:

Chua SL & Ng Yen Yen are liabilities to MCA.
Quote me again after GE13.
Have a nice day.

nkkhoo says:

MCA will get 40-50% Chinese votes in Johor to ensure BN winning 90% seats.

Amin says:

Chinese in Johor will ensure BN continue to govern, very sad for our future generation just because of a few oranges.

nkkhoo says:

This is politics, do not expect winning with slogan as PR.

Johor Malays should be “blamed” because 70% of them behind BN while less than a half of Chinese support BN.

The reality is Malay voters are the majority in number and with delineation advantage, and they are the only one can decide who is new government.

Stop blame Chinese, India and non-Muslim bumipetera for BN continuity in politics.

Rainnie says:

I am proud to be a Penang lang for we are not swayed by promises from bn. We vote for people who care for the rakyat regardless of party. Ah Jib Kor deserves the NO to BN.

Teng Chang Yew grossly misjudge the feeling of massses, otherwise how to explain his efforts in promoting tis event? Or, could this be a polite way for Teng to tell BN to forget about Penang?

Remember Najib not too long ago drew out a kris at the Kg Baru stadium in KL and screamed for Chinese “orang Cina” blood. This has been confirmed by nkkhoo. Today he goes around wearing cheongsam with his family speaking broken mandarin bowing and begging for their votes. Pretender? Conman?

Boon Tien says:

The moral of the story:

PSY came to Penang, spent 15 minutes on a stage, made RM3 million, had a good meal at a Korean restaurant and went to the bank back home laughing at BN.

Now who is the smarter person here BN or PSY?

Bakri Chik says:

Khabarnya seorang ‘menteri wanita’ (Yen Yen?) telah mengarah MC/pengacara menjemput Psy naik ke pentas. Psy tak mahu naik untuk bersama dengan pemimpin BN di atas pentas menggaul Yee Sang sebelum membuat persembahan. Psy takut diperalatkan oleh BN dengan tujuan politik. Selepas menunggu Psy selama lima minit, para pemimpin – termasuk Najib dan Pak Lah dengan malunya meninggalkan pentas.

Insiden yang memalukan berlaku terhadap Najib itu, Rakyat Pulau Pinang telah memberikan jawapan ‘NO’ apabila Najib bertanya ‘Are you ready for BN??” sebanyak tiga kali..

Video awal kejadian telah dipertikaikan oleh kebanyakkan macai-macai UMNO termasuk seorang pembaca Berita dari RTM yang mengatakan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat adalah bengong kerana mempercayai video tersebut.

Bagaimanapun mereka sudah tidak mampu lagi untuk mempertikaikan video tersebut bila mana semakin banyak video rakaman dari pelbagai sudut di hadapan pentas dimuat naik ke dalam YouTube.

Lebih malang dan membuatkan macai-macai UMNO terkedu bila Chanel New Asia dari Singapura turut menyiarkan rakaman insiden memalukan itu untuk tontonan dunia!

Fazli says:

respon orang ramai suka psy tapi tak nak bn – tiga kali no no no najib tidur tal lena kena tunda pru13 ???
apa pendapat anda dari sudut orang johor ? bn boleh bikin ?

nkkhoo says:

BN still win in Johor. Many Johorean Malays are Javanese immigrants who must vote UMNO for their bumi status.

Rainnie says:

At Han Chiang, Penang noon time yesterday 11 Feb for the BN CNY celebration:

Najib asked: Are You Ready for Psy?
The crowd shouted YES!

Najib then asked: Are You Ready for BN?
The crowd shouted: NO!

Najib asked again,
The crowd again responded loudly NO!

Najib tried again hoping for 3rd time luck.
The crowd reaffirmed NO!

Najib got the message, disappointedly went home and cannot sleep that night, possibly thinking of postponing GE13 once again!

Meanwhile Ng Yen Yen still wondering why Psy did not want to join the BN leaders lo hei on stage and disappeared from the stage immediately after pocketing RM3 million for the 12-minute performance as the crowd dispered in no time. Gerakan organising committee still shaking their head, admiting their failure and now facing a grim future of retaking Penang.

Boon Tien says:

The crowd’s “Big No” to BN was a public vote of no confidence in the ruling coalition.

The incident showed Najib is not a smart prime minister as he should have avoided repeating his question after hearing a resounding “No” in his first attempt.

改朝換代 says:

柔佛州古来马华新春团拜现场,国阵的1 Malaysia团拜!他们的支持者!看看那些外劳,多到恐怖!

boon heng says: