Sabah Under Attack >>>

Send submarines to fight with the intruders


HOMECOMING Members of the Royal Security Force of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo who have traveled with Crown Prince Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram in what the descendants of the Sultan of Sulu describe as not an act of aggression against Sabah but a journey back to their homeland. Malaysian police and special forces surround the “royal army,” asking them to return home. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Why the police and army take days to wipe out more than 100 armed intruders?

More than 100 armed intruders have invading Sabah is not a small matter, it’s a serious national security leaking issue. They are “Royal Army of Sulu” behind intrusion to retake Sabah.

The corruption in the Defence Ministry has weaken the capability of Malaysia security forces in responding to foreign invasion.

What the Malaysia security forces urgently need is normal (not gold plated) armored vehicles to deal with the armed intruders, not the billion ringgit submarines.

Any foreigner can come to Malaysia freely with the guns, and Malaysian government will politely tell them,” please go home peacefully.”

That is a national shame to have a government who cannot protect the sovereignty of Malaysia. 

Malaysia in Borneo standoff with armed intruders

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian security forces have surrounded armed intruders on Borneo who are believed to be from the southern Philippines, police said Thursday.

The intruders have been ordered to surrender their weapons, national police chief Ismail Omar said, adding that “the situation is under control and the public need not worry.”

Ismail’s statement late Wednesday did not disclose the number of suspects or how they were armed. Malaysia’s national news agency, Bernama, cited unidentified police sources as saying that the intruders comprised more than 100 foreigners wearing military fatigues.

Malaysia’s Sabah state is less than an hour by speedboat from the southern Philippines, which has long been wracked by a Muslim separatist insurgency.

Ismail said the group landed in Sabah’s largely rural, coastal district of Lahad Datu on Tuesday following “troubles in the southern Philippines.”

Other police representatives in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah on Thursday confirmed the intrusion but said they could not elaborate beyond Ismail’s statement.

Security on Malaysia’s sea border with the Philippines has been problematic for Sabah, where tens of thousands of Filipino have tried to immigrate over the past few decades.

In 2000, southern Philippine gunmen slipped twice into Sabah and abducted people for ransom, including tourists from a diving resort.

One of the most recent kidnappings involved two Malaysians snatched from a plantation in Lahad Datu in November. They were believed to have been taken to the southern Philippines.

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melvin says:

BN or Umno is a total screw up. Even send Submarine for what launch a thousand ringgit torpedo to sink a boat. Send special forces to attack them from the sea, they must have watch to many movies.

I feel angry i read Malaysia Military is one of the best in jungle warfare and have best special forces. But hear become a laughing stock in the military world.

BN or UMNO screw our military also.

nkkhoo says:

Indonesian special force is only one in South East Asia is recognized by the world. Others are scouts. Normal cadet training is four years in Indonesia while Malaysia cadet training is from six months to a year.

China special force is only interested to train together with Indonesian special force is another testimony.

Malaysia gerak khas is for syiok sendiri only unless they have real battle experience like Green Beret. They have a good chance to be deployed in Sabah to test how good they are, but our “pondan” Defence Minister did nothing to enhance battle skill for Gerak Khas.

保庇 says:


bestbeast says:

this is special , that why no fire exchange…this is a friendly visit by Sulu sultanate seeking recognition.

Spicy & Fiery says:

These intruders have compromised the country’s sovereignty and security. They should be arrested and charged for entering the country illegally, and for firearm offences if they are armed. However, our UMNO/BN Government appears to be treating foreign criminals 100 times better than the law abiding citizens.

Perhaps these people are coming home to reclaim their ancestral lands, the very basis of the long standing Sabah claims by the Philippines. The issuance of MyKads to these people would further complicate the claim and undermine the sovereignty of Sabah. The people behind the Project IC only thought of politics, but never in their minds considered the long term implications and ramifications of such a treacherous act.

Can Mahathir say now these people speak Malay, practice Islam and share common heritage with people of Sabah, therefore are entitled to citizenships? Perhaps the current Sabah RCI has unknowingly sparked off the latest armed incident as these people came onshore with their demands?

Kuanqiao says:

Sabah is now the promised land for free citizenship, bumi status and voting rights to many Filipinos rebels who have been welcomed with open arms by the Umno gang.

Bakri Chik says:

Datang ramai-ramai minta IC?
Tak kasi pasti pakai bom C4?

Bakri Chik says:

Submarine TLDM takut nanti boleh timbul tak boleh tenggelam?
Ia cuma satu showpiece untuk museum sahaja!