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Why BN is coaching Chinese voters so hard? The repeat of 1999's GE?


I believe UMNO already sensed that Malay voters will swing to PR, otherwise why UMNO is so kind to Chinese now?

This is a repeat for 1999’s general election where all Chinese appeals were accepted by Mahathir. Of course everyone knows Mahathir had condemned Chinese as the communists for extorting UMNO after BN won the election narrowly.

I talked to Chinese strangers in Johor and most of them are angry with BN for super corruption and unjust treatment to Chinese. I am quite confidence to say at least 70% Malaysian Chinese will vote PR in parliament seats.

If 40% Malay voters decide to vote for PR, BN will be ended in GE13.

The king maker is not Indian or Chinese, Malays are the ones to decide who is final winner.

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Kuanqiao says:

While BN is trying to appease the chinese community, Umno unleashed the twisted May 13 tale in Tanda Putera movie to 3000 Felda folks in the movie premier, signaling the coming of PRU13?

Kuanqiao says:

I have just learnt from a friend that free tickets to the movie are distributed for mass audience to revive the ghost of May 13 to inspire the malays and to scare the shit out of chinese.

辛辣火热 says:

过年在家看电视,每半个小时就看到吉伯在打锣鼓!咚佟蒋! 统统抢!统统抢!


最后看到….说 恭喜发财…讲不正!

辛辣火热 says:



Kuanqiao says:

Johor chinese likely to take the ‘stability, not chaos’ bait that is aggressively put forward by CSL & gang to frighten the chinese with the reminder of May 13 Ghost. If they think carefully, the division of malays into 3 major camps (umno, PAS, Keadilan) is actually good for chinese as evident in the Himpunan Rakyat in Stadium Merdeka. No chaos is possible so long as Umno is not dominant in the malay community. No need to worry abour stock market crashing as it means good buying opportunity of bumi equity.

Jojo says:

MCA has become negative with statement like CHAOS in their manifesto ?
I do not worry so much about that as young Malaysians are mature enough (internet exposure) to fall for that.
My only worry are those traditional chinese folks who trade the true liberty of the country just for short term gain like “clear longkang” or “free oranges” inducements.

阿政 says:



Kuanqiao says:

That is why chinese who understand chinese and english languages can see through the inconsistency of MCA. Too bad for those who can only read The Star to be deceived by MCA’s manipulation.