Sabah Under Attack >>>

Do you persuade militant invaders to go home peacefully ? Only Malaysia do that....


The number of militants has increasing to 300 from 100 by days. Because of Malaysian government is so “lembik”, more militants are coming to invade Sabah without fear.

No country in the world will persuade invaders to retreat because no record saying invaders will retreat voluntarily except both sides are idiots.

The right thing to do is to shot dead the armed invaders without asking any question. Ooop…I forget our police is only good to beat peaceful demonstrators.

Do you think Malaysian police and army in Sabah can defeat thousand of militants with real battle experience in Philippines?

Because the money supposed to be used for weapon, soldier training and recruitment and intelligence gathering dissipated like thin air, the capability of security forces is dented to a level cannot deal with the invasion by 300 militants.

PM Najib and his Defence Minister only weapon left is persuading and begging the enemy to go home and crying for help from foreign country.

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KY Ong says:

Platun Harimau can only fight internal komunis and not external militants?

Hishamuddin once says the bersih demostraters are “perkara yang memalukan”. We, the rakyat feel that the 100 gunmen which landed in Sabah and refuse to leave are the real “Perkara yang memalukan” as our 2 billion submarines,multi million state of the art sukhou jets,MIG 29 fighter planes,billion dollar patrol boats failed to stop the gunmen from the Phillipines! BN Sudah dimalukan oleh pencerobohan askar Sulu di Sabah!

jhf says:

Askar melayu will shoot to kill in no time if its enemy is komunis in Malayan jungle. But they treat Sulu intruders like abang adik for the obvious reason.

Sherbet says:

Sehingga kini tidak ada tindakan terhadap Sultan Sulu selam oleh kerajaan Malaysia. Mungkinkah ada agenda tersembunyi di antara kerajaan Malaysia dengan kerajaan Sulu?

Sherbet says:

BN government has so much empathy for armed militants who intruded the country illegally and is so caring to the feelings of outsiders who were granted citizenship for votes.

What about Sabahans’ security and feeling? Margaret Thatcher went to war with Argentina just to protect a few hundred Falklanders who were against the Argentine invasion and wanted the island to remain a British territory.

Here in Malaysia the standoff has lasted more than a week yet the PM and the DPM were busily campaigning, and the home minister and defence minister are not on site. There is no emergency meeting of the National Security Council.

Is this the way to treat the people of the ‘fixed deposit’ state?

nkkhoo says:

The sea around Falkland is rich in fish and oil resources. That is the main reason Briton went to war.

melvin says:

Is not about Falkland man. Is about Malaysia State in danger, is being attack. And what Malaysia government do exactly do nothing. Look our defence budget buy useless submarine cause hundreds of millions of dollars where they can buy 15 coastal ship or 10 corvette or cruiser ship. Or pay more high salary to the our military and get better land weapon system. Our Government have being paying them millions every year and end up they go buy arms and attack us.

Kuanqiao says:

Another example of jaguh kampung mentality. They are no different from PDRM that only abuse own peaceful rakyat.

wee chin says:

因為國陣是同情(有沒有支持我不知道) 這些伊斯蘭恐怖分子的,跟泰南那些一樣,所以大家都是自己人啊,不可以趕走他們啊,他們以後可能會進來拿藍登記的啊!