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Hujah palsu di muka surat 71 :: BR1M memberi faedah kepada rakyat

muka surat 71 BR1M

BR1M adalah kenyataan rasmi bahawa kerajaan BN telah gagal menaikkan taraf hirup rakyat selaras dengan perkembangan ekonomi kerana pendapatan untuk 80% isu keluarga masih di bawah tahap RM3000.

Mengikut GDP per kapita pada tahun 2012, setiap isi keluarga di Malaysia mesti mencapai pendapatan RM10,000 bagi satu bulan.

RM500 bagi satu isu keluarga memang terlalu rendah memandangkan pendapatan negara, kerugian dalam rasuah dan pembaziran dalam projek-projek kerajaan.

Pak Cik Khoo berpendapat bantuan kewangan mesti dinaikkan ke RM 9000 kepada satu isu keluarga berdasarkan fakta-fakta berikut,

1. Pemotongan subsidi petroleum dan makanan sebanyak 19.4 billion.

2. Pemotongan subsidi gas kepada penjana kuasa IPP sebanyak 8.0 billion.

3. Pembasmian rasuah dan tender tanpa sebutharga di kerajaan menjimat 20 billion.

BN Government Has Ability To Increase BR1M

MARAN, Feb 16 (Bernama) — The Barisan Nasional (BN) government can give more than RM500 for the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) in the future, if the people continue to give the coalition the mandate to rule the country.

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said, based on the country’s recent economic performance, the statement was not an empty promise like the opposition’s.

“(Sound) Politics and economic stability result in the continued growth of the country’s income and economy.

“The government’s promise to increase BR1M is not merely rhetoric but we do have the ability to implement it to help ease the people’s burden, in the form of cash,” he told reporters after attending the Mesra Rakyat programme with Kampung Kuala Sentul’s residents near here Saturday.


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Ron says:


KY Ong says:

BR1M ‘ceremony’ forced warga emas, totally handicaped, pregnant mothers to q for 8 hours to collect their vouchers. Please treat rakyat with respect and not like animals, not to mention a waste of productive time. Rakyat didahulukan?

nkkhoo says:

My 79-year mum was baking under the scorching sun for RM500.

hanson says:

BR1M3 worth RM1K next year according to soon to be umno supremo.
Mahathir Wawasan 2020
Pak Lah Hadhari
Najib Satu Malaysia
Muhiyddin ???

Kuanqiao says:

Surely Muyidin’s slogan is Satu Melayu.

辛辣火热 says:

BR1M“派钱”行为 = “收买人心”之恶举!!

nkkhoo says:

PR will do the same if they are in the same shoe.

psykongkia says:


Ghaz says:

Pemberian BR1M merupakan satu rasuah bagi memancing undi menjelang Pilihanraya Umum ke-13 (PRU13) yang bakal diadakan tidak lama lagi sebelum mandat pemerintahan tamat.

Berdasarkan Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009 (ASPRM 2009) (Akta 694), BR1M telah memenuhi syarat empat kesalahan rasuah yang utama iaitu:
1.Meminta/Menerima rasuah [seksyen 16 & 17(a) ASPRM 2009]
2.Memberi suapan [seksyen 17(b) ASPRM 2009]
3.Mengemukakan tuntutan palsu [Seksyen 18 ASPRM 2009]
4.Salah guna kuasa [Seksyen 23 ASPRM 2009]

Kuanqiao says:

The eligibility of BR1M is based on household income, not personal income. My neighbor Ah Pek got RM500 in the ist round, thinking he was eligible as a retiree. However, he provided the name of his 2 sons in the application forms without thinking of any consequences. He did not received notification for second BR1M but his two sons, both small time businessmen had to entertain lawatan audit and ended paying more income tax said to be overdue.

Doris Hee says:

First party that all these receivers of BR1M should thank is, Pakatan. BR1M would not have been in existence if Pakatan did not win as much in 2008. Now that, is a FACT. Najib is just treating the People like dogs and insects, pests. Feeding us as he likes, let it rot when he doesn’t. This is the beginning of the end for Malaysia.

These BR1M payouts are only to bait for votes. These BN politicians know they still fool the rural folks and the less knowledgeable that the money given out are from the BN government. The actual fact is that the money given out is from taxpayers money held in trust by them. The UMNO BN corrupted government shamelessly used taxpayers’ money to maintain political power.

KY Ong says:

The BR1M handouts are blatant bribes to buy votes no matter how you look at it. The “you help me and I help you” pledges in the Hulu Langat and Sibu by-elections are clearly attempts to bribe or coerce the voting public to vote for BN in return for monetary handouts. Is there a new deifinition of corruption in Malaysia that excludes these blatant attempts to buy votes?

Why Transparency International (TI) allowed itself to be used to lend legitimacy to a tainted pledge which is clearly intended to try to win votes in the election. TI must clarify this in order to stay neutral.