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Tissue paper is hygience and safe? The answer is big NO


The tissue paper for mopping your mouth, face, hands, anal, etc. are hygence and safe to use?

The tissue paper you buy from the store is made from used newspapers. In order to make it white and tender, white bleaching and hardening agents are added in the process. Unfortunately, these chemical agents with chloride compound are toxin and can causing cancer for over exposure.

If your children are suffering allergic illness, go check out how many tissue paper is in your home. Throw away all tissue papers and clean up your home may cure their allergy without any medication.

My running nose allergy since my childhood was fully cured after I stayed in Sri Lanka for a year. Besides the clean air, I had no exposure to any tissue paper which may be the hidden reason behind the self-curing on my chronic allergy.

I have stopped using tissue paper after I found out the adverse risk on health.

Go buy and use the reusable handkerchief and water like your parents did in the olden days. It saves paper besides ensuring your health is NOT affected by tissue paper.

Tissue paper manufacturers do not like my advice. 🙂

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