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A donkey work from Muar MCA Chris Lee's office

muar city map blunder

The essay was supposed from a native English speaker from Australia. There is nothing to shout about English standard in the texts.

The blunder is no proof reading on the draft by Chris Lee’s office before printing. Two paragraphs are duplicated and a paragraph is misplaced.

How could such a blunder happen for a travel guide for international tourists?

This is so-called 1Malaysia’s third world maintenance culture?

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JK Lim says:

This essay resembles what everyone used to write during lower high school (PMR) – a day trip.

Who knows if the publisher has asked its high school child to write this essay! LoL!

nkkhoo says:

The essay structure is primary school standard only. 🙂

Pritam says:

Muar MCA or even Muar DAP are not trained professionally to promote beautiful Muar. They are more interested to be YBs at the expense of truly serving the rakyat the right way (not trivial issues like changing lamp post lights, giving away oranges etc)

nkkhoo says:

Johor Sultan did criticize Johor tourism exco (another MCA politcian) for lackadaisical attitude in promoting Johor tourism.

No proof reading is attitude and culture problem. I have to correct many silly typos in my training brochure, may be more than 10 times I returned the draft to brochure designer.

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