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Gas turbine train is a better alternative than maglev bullet train for Malaysia


The gas turbine powered train does not need any high power cable and maglev infrastructure along the rail, thus the overall cost for railway construction, train operation and maintenance is much lower than maglev high speed train used in Japan, French and China.

Gas turbine train, called the JetTrain, was being introduced by Montreal-based Bombardier Transportation, which developed it in conjunction with the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration.

The JetTrain can travel at speeds of as much as 150 miles an hour [240 km/h] in the existing railways at North America. If a new track is custom-built, the JetTrain speed can be boosted up to 300 km/h or even more.

Either National Geographic or Discovery Channel did produce a documentation film on JetTrain several years ago. Achieving 380 km/h top speed is possible with many new technologies evolved since the first JetTrain was tested in 2002.


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国阵巫统政府为了巩固本身的实力,以稳定种族和谐为遮掩,并立法规定,所有的大型工程,必须交由土著承包商负责.Go XXOO !