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The rape on Pudu Jail by UMNO greedy goons


The historic Pudu Jail with heritage link to KL city is finally torn down by BN government.

The greedy without limit under BN government has eradicated many heritages in KL city to make it a soulless place.

The next target is Petaling Street to make Chinese footprints disappear from KL city.

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JB Heartlander says:

When the old buildings in Jln Sultan is replaced by new Umno crony buildings, chinese heritage from Yap Ah Loy era will be erased from the map of KL. This is a cultural revolution to assert Ketuanan Melayu.

azrai says:

Kementrian Kebudayaan & Komunikasi ought to instill the prinsip-prinsip via relevant tv clips otherwise rakyat will believe in patronage system where $ is the soul that spins the material world.