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God must be crazy with 30% of workforce in Malaysia are foreigners

waste water

Those companies complaining about RM900 minimum wage for the worker are better shut down and relocate to other countries with cheaper labor cost.

People like me will enjoy better air and water quality with lesser pollution-induced furniture factories operating in Muar.

I repeat it here, the waste water from the furniture factories in Muar have NEVER being treated before discharging into Muar river.

Productivity levels driven down by unskilled foreign workers

PETALING JAYA: Unskilled foreign labour in our workforce could be driving down productivity levels, said the Malaysian Trades Union Congress.

MTUC secretary-general Abdul Halim Mansor believes that foreign workers, who make up 30% of Malaysia’s workforce, were at a disadvantage because they were employed in labour-intensive industries while their counterparts in other benchmark countries were involved in technology-based production.

He said it was unfair to benchmark the Malaysian workforce against high-performance countries which have more skilled foreign workers.

“Malaysian employers generally like to hire unskilled foreign labour because they are cheaper, while the big players are going for highly trained manpower for technology-based production.

“We are only semi-technology-based. So, of course. they have higher productivity,” he added.

Abdul Halim urged employers to develop and motivate their workers to stay competitive.

“If you work them like machines they won’t be productive, but if you invest in them by creating a win-win situation, the environment in the workplace will change,” he said.

SME Corp deputy chief executive officer Rohana Ramly said the SME 2012-2020 Masterplan put the productivity of a small and medium enterprise worker in Malaysia at RM50,498 in 2011, which was three times less than his Singaporean counterpart and seven times lower than his American opposite number.

This could be due to the sizeable employment of unskilled workers, particularly in labour-intensive activities, coupled with the lack of focus on upskilling the workforce and the continued engagement in low value-added activities among SMEs, she said.

Citing the masterplan, Rohana said six programmes would be introduced to develop human capital in the workforce and shift resources to higher value-added activities.

“Concurrently, we are undertaking regulatory reforms which should enhance the overall productive capacity and competitiveness of the economy,” she said.

Cuepacs president Datuk Omar Osman disagreed that productivity among workers was low.

“If we were not being productive, the country wouldn’t be developing,” said Omar, adding that the quality of Malaysian civil servants was on par with that of advanced countries.

He, however, said that more could be done to boost productivity.

“We are always organising training courses for civil servants to hone their skills,” Omar said.

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Ron says:




nkkhoo says:

Taiwan SMI had given the same excuse for not ready yet when the foreign workers are banned in the factories.

See how strong and competitive Taiwan SMI compared to Malaysian SMI now either by relocating to foreign countries or upgrading its machineries.

Local SMI will remain the same by 2050 if minimum wages are not enforced to wake them up that China SMI is already more competitive than them.

Swee Lan says:

Theorists are drivers for scientists or engineers to build automation system.
When theorist become a clean and innovative politician, rakyat can benefit with positive policies.

nkkhoo says:

Scientist is a true theorist while Liew and LGE are only politicians with theory.

Politician with theory is worst than prostitute. At least prostitute can deliver the service after the client pays her unlike politicians.

BN and PR politicians are the same species when come to deliver promises. They are very forgetful for their promises made in the manifesto.

KY Ong says:

Malaysian workers are low in productivity!

American workers topped the list with a productivity level of RM285,558 a year, followed by employees in Japan (RM229,568) and Hong Kong ( RM201,485). Malaysian workers had a productivity value of only RM43,952 a year.

We should ask why Cuepacs always harping for wage increase?

nkkhoo says:

Instead of using 1 local worker and 1 machine, furniture factory hires 5 foreign workers.

What is the value added amount after divided with 5 headcounts?

The productivity initiative must come from the management, not the workers. Hard working workers in the poorly designed production system does not work up for a world class productivity.

My former company is the first company imported Indonesian workers.

The initial plan was to hire 1000 foreign workers in three months, but at the end less than 300 foreign workers were hired after I led a series of intensive productivity improvement projects. The audited saving is USD4 million per year besides the headcount and work floor reduction.

Swee Lan says:

If you have opportunity to attend ceramah, go for YB Liew Chin Tong’s. He elaborate on how Malaysia (eg SME towkays) can improve productivity by engaging in technological automation to reduce labour headcounts.
For this reason, if YB Liew Chin Tong ever go south to adun Johor, watch out for him. We need this type of thinking YBs instead of those crazy of fame, money, power & sex.

nkkhoo says:

Liew and LGE are theorists, they have never worked in any industry.

Mechanization is good enough for the beginning until Malaysians have built-up own capability in automation system like in Japan.

ST in Muar is the first factory in Malaysia invested in full automation since early 90s.

JB Heartlander says:

Out of 8 hours a day, 2 hours are used for internet/facebook, another 2 hours for meals/smoking/gossiping. This is what was reported in the study on Malaysian workforce.

Paid 8 hours for 4 hours of work.
Like this already efficiently reaching ‘high income nation’ status!
Malaysia Boleh!

KS Tan says:

2 hours curi tulang in factory surfing so that he can earn some ad revenue to sustain his lifestyle to cope with barang naik era.

nkkhoo says:

The company should block internet access during the office hours.

KS Tan says:

not possible bcoz i work in IT department and can log in & out under the noses of the boss. i know many office stuff check facebook regularly.

nkkhoo says:

Fire a few staff is good enough to warn others.

Do you know why China factories beat our factories in everything? Good discipline in China.

KS Tan says:

one of my KPI is to prove those factory trouble-makers they spent time surfing doing unproductive work. so far those high paying executives who do not take voluntary retirement are forced out this way; and i am the fault-finder. so don’t play play in office. read after office hours.

nkkhoo says:

The dirty game will bite yourself too if the management decides to kick you out one day without compensation. So my advice is same to you, don’t use any company’s property for any personal purpose.

My ex-MD was fired on the spot by his boss for not following his order to retrench workers. No one is secure in company not owned by our parents.

nkkhoo says:

Another 2 hours are used in non-valued activities like replying email, walking in the office, taking phone calls, attending meetings, looking for files, etc.

Only 5% of indirect staff’s working hours are value-added activities.