Sabah Under Attack >>>

Sabah under attack :: Sulu Sultanate Army is better armed than Malaysia police

8 March 2013: Over 50 suspected terrorist conspirators caught in Sabah.

7 March 2013: The Suluk terrorist’s spokesman confirmed 10 terrorists were killed and another 10 were arrested on 5th and 6th by Malaysian security forces.

Malaysian authorities announced 31 Suluk terrorists killed by Malaysian security forces on Thursday.

If 500 lb bomb drops at within 10 meters from the terrorists, the only things left are uncountable pieces of human flesh. I believe more bandits are killed even no bodies can be found in the airstrike.

6 March 2013: 4 Suluk terrorists were slain by Malaysian security forces.

These Muslim soldiers were aided and trained by Malaysia and Libya in 70 and 80s to fight against the Philippines for an independent Islamic state in Mindanao.

The same drama MAY happen when the Muslim rebels in Southern Thailand claim Kelantan and Kedah are their ancestral land of Pattani Sultan once they have signed the peace agreement with Thailand.

This is called karma when the same people decided to turn their guns and invade Malaysia to free Sabah.

A long guerrilla war is expected in Sabah. I want to see any use of billion RM submarines to stop the intrusion of these sulu bandits.

Arroyo, the ex-president of Philippines is accused to sponsor MNLF to invade Sabah by Philippine government.

Veteran Philippine fighters head to Malaysia: MNLF

Thousands of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) members displaying their weapons during a rally on the volatile island of Jolo in southern Philippines. According to one of their leaders, some of the battle-hardened Muslim guerrillas have sailed from the Philippines to reinforce followers of a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan who are battling Malaysian forces in the Malaysian state of Sabah. -- PHOTO: AP

Thousands of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) members displaying their weapons during a rally on the volatile island of Jolo in southern Philippines. According to one of their leaders, some of the battle-hardened Muslim guerrillas have sailed from the Philippines to reinforce followers of a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan who are battling Malaysian forces in the Malaysian state of Sabah. — PHOTO: AP

MANILA (AFP) – Battle-hardened Muslim guerrillas have sailed from the Philippines to reinforce followers of a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan who are battling Malaysian forces, one of their leaders said on Wednesday.

The fighters are veteran members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) who waged a decades-long insurgency against the Philippine government before signing a 1996 peace pact, Muhajab Hashim told AFP.

“Many have slipped through the security forces. They know the area like the back of their hands because they trained there in the past,” Mr Hashim told AFP.

“We are expecting more of them to join (the fighting) even if our official instruction is for them to refrain from going.”

He could not say how many MNLF fighters had managed to slip through naval cordons set up by the Philippines and Malaysia, but said “thousands” had earlier expressed interest in joining.

Mr Hashim is chairman of the MNLF’s Islamic Command Council overseeing all the group’s armed forces, which was meant to disarm as part of the 1996 peace pact but never fully complied.

He said that although MNLF leaders had not officially instructed their men to sail to Malaysia, they fully supported the sultan’s efforts to reclaim the Malaysian state of Sabah as his territory.

“MNLF fighters are adherents of the sultan, we are followers. So there is more than an alliance,” he said. “We feel very strongly against the attacks against our brothers from Sulu.”

Malaysian security forces launched a major offensive on Tuesday to end a three-week standoff between followers of Jamalul Kiram III, the self-proclaimed sultan of Sulu, that has left at least 27 people dead.

However, the sultan’s aides said in Manila that the militants, believed to originally number between 100 and 300, had escaped Tuesday’s attacks.

The MNLF was founded by radical Muslim scholar Nur Misuari to fight for a Muslim homeland in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao in the late 1960s, and had once received support from Malaysia.


Nuri helicopters are used by TUDM for more than 40 years. The helicopter should be replaced and phased out long time ago.

RM 5.6 billion mark-up price for Turkey armored vehicles can be used for buying new helicopters for TUDM, but the money was stolen by UMNO politicians. The corruption in the the defence budget has jeopardized the nation security.

I do not know how many soldiers died in the Nuri crashes, but the number is more than soldiers killed in the battlefield after 1989. A senior of mine was killed in a Nuri crash in Sarawak together with other 10 airmen (could be more).

The intrusion of Sulu terrorists is actually “good” for Malaysian security forces to test their readiness in warfare.

Training without the real battlefield experience is incomplete especially after the ceasefire with Malaya Communists.

Sabah will in turmoil for quite some time until we break up MNLF, the mastermind of intrusion from its internal.

Latest news on 5/3/13:

– Malaysian army and police have launched the attack against Sulu terrorists.

– RMAF jet fighters pounded the bandit hideouts.

Latest news on 4/3/13:

A total of six policemen killed and six Filipino bandits found dead in the shootout in Semporna.

A bandit was killed by the villagers.

Hundreds of policemen will be killed if Hisham continue to send policemen to fight with the professional soldiers from Philippines.

These Muslim bandits are fighting with Philippine army for decades and more experienced than our police scouts who have never trained in the warfare and lack of hands-on fighting experience after the ceasefire with the Malaya Communist.

Latest news on 3/3/13:

1. Five poliicmen killed in Semporna.

2. Kiram camp claims it captured 4 Malaysian officials in clash.

I expect more policemen will be killed because these intruders are not normal criminals, they are well-armed and trained soldiers from Mindanoa. Only the soldiers can fight with another soldiers.

I do not look down at our policemen, but they are ill-equipped and trained to fight with the professional soldiers of the Sulu Sultanate Army.

Malaysian police are good enough to beat unarmed Bersih demonstrators, but they are definitely not good enough to beat the Sulu Sultanate Army.

Our policemen are “mati katak” due to poor decision and crisis management by inept politicians like Hisham and Najib who are in-charged of the national security.

I have said in day one that sending policemen to deal with these bandits is a gross mistake.

1/3/13: 2 Malaysian police, 12 Filipino bandits and a civilian conspired with the bandits killed in the firefighting.

More unnecessary casualties on Malaysian policemen if Hisham and Najib are too kind to these bandits. Negotiate with bandits is a gross mistake from day one.

MNLF, a Moro rebel group led by Maisuri helped by Malaysia in the past has turned their barrels and wanted to create civil war in Sabah.

This is karma for the wrong policy by UMNO to arm their own “brothers” in foreign countries who turn into Malaysian enemy with the weapon supplied by their supporters in Malaysia and other Muslim nations.


Police commando is not well armed to fight with the Sulu Sultan’s army.

It was reported that two police commandos were killed by the mortal shell fired by the Filipino bandits in Lahat Datu Sabah. These bandits are armed with grenade launchers and other modern weapons.

Hisham is sending our policemen only armed with M16 and many of them are not wearing bullet proof jacket to fight with the heavily armed bandits.

Army commandos are trained for the warfare unlike the police commandos trained for the urban street combat with the poorly armed criminals. PM Najib should send in the army commandos to kill these bandits.

Bombard the bandit camps first with 500 lb bombs and rockets with TUDM jet fighters, then follow by shelling with the battle tanks and finally only send in commandos to eliminate the leftover.

This tactic will reduce the casualty on our side, a SOP used by American in the modern warfare.

My question is where are the battle tanks purchased from Polland? The tanks are kept in the workshop for maintenance?

Hisham and Najib must be responsible for making crazy decision to send in policemen to deal with another well-armed and experienced combatants from Philippines.

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令吉够力 says:





第一, 这些外人非法入侵我国,如入无人之境,让我这个不曾到过沙巴的西马人忽然意识到,原来我们的国境,根本就是门户大开的,谁来攻击我们,恐怕一下子我国就被占领了。虽然之前的沙巴皇委会已经让我们知道,沙巴非法移民很多,但我没想到的是,带着真枪实弹来的,我们同样也来者不拒。

第二, 事情发生了这么久,我都不明白为什么政府居然可以“以礼相待”这么多天,什么行动都没有采取——果然在政府的逻辑里,重型攻击性武器是远远不及矿泉水、盐及椰浆饭来得可怕。难道说,其实国家暴力机器,根本就只是国阵用来残害马来西亚人民的机构,对于那些鹊巢鸠占的“潜在选民”(或者根本就是M计划下的“外国牌大马人”),大家都是“自己人”,不需要用上暴力解决?

第三, 好吧,终于开火了,派出去的人,居然是警察而不是军人!有网友已经很详细地写出了军人与警察之间的分别,我这里就不再罗嗦了——大家都知道,警察是维持国内治安的,对象是犯罪的国民;而军人是维护国家安全的,对象是危害国家安全的外敌,现在执行任务的、牺牲的,居然是警察而不是军人!那些吃钱吃到脑生虫的所谓高官,居然轻轻松松地说一句:“我们没想到。”就让这些警察的生命白白牺牲掉!是!我是讨厌警察,但是在这里一件事还一件事!这些到现在牺牲的警察已经接近十人了!我们的武装部队总司令也已经说了,对方是拥有丰富作战经验的武装分子!而纳吉居然授权内政部,而不是国防部去解决这件事!我们这不是直接把根本不是用在战争上的警察丢到前线去送死吗?

第四, 我国每年的军购案都花上天文数字,虽然我国到一个月前为止其实都没有经历过战争,军购买回来的东西也常常让我们觉得匪夷所思,比如不能潜水的潜水艇、没有引擎的战斗机和没有子弹的机关枪等等,但因为之前某人已经实实在在地替我们真人示范了C4的威力,我想我们对自己国家的军力,还是有一点点信心的。可是为什么在这件事上,这些原本就应该派上用场的武器与使用者,却还被晾在一边?难道我们除了C4之外,其他的装备其实都是残缺不一的?还是花大钱买了先进的配备,却忘记了我们没有懂得操作配备的军人?

第五, 我不知道是不是巧合,在沙巴皇委会揭发越来越多掩盖不住的真相时,拿笃事件就这样爆发了。但是随着国阵政府一开始的敷衍态度,到现在居然开始把矛头指向民联,说什么苏禄军索取沙巴已经不是第一天的事情,为什么到临近大选才爆发——既然一早就知道问题存在,为什么没有好好处理,要等到非开战不可的地步才来讲废话?如果苏禄军已经不是第一次索取沙巴,那么国阵政府在这之前都在做什么?现在问题发生了,紧急要处理的不是歼灭这些外敌,反而是利用此事来污蔑政敌?

第六, 有人说,纳吉把此事交给内政部处理,而不是国防部,那是因为国防部的部长之前是隶属安华阵营的,而内政部的部长是纳吉的表弟,所以他想要扶持自己的表弟立大功,以便在未来能够除掉一直在逼宫的慕尤丁,并让自己的家族势力继续壮大——我不知道事情是否属实,但我看到的是,民联并没有拿这件事来攻击纳吉,反倒是纳吉又随意替安华冠上一个“苏禄agent”的大帽子。闹出人命、涉及国土的大事,都可以给他们任意利用来进行政治阴谋,实在令人心寒啊!

第七, 也是最后一点了,纳吉已经说了,苏禄军不投降就唯有一战!说得这么威风凛凛,可是人家苏禄公主早就说了他们宁死不降,纳吉现在还在废话什么?人家都说要战死方休了,看起来不敢战的,是我们啊!另外,摩洛民族解放阵线的主席警告说,大马的举动可能会让沙巴陷入“内战”——虽然我不知道这个什么解放阵线是哪里来的,但他的警告让我吓到了——原来这些苏禄人在沙巴的人数,已经多到足以让我们引发内战了!而我们还在睡梦中!



looihw88 says:

Dear NK,

One of the main reason why the Malaysian government did not send in the army from the word go is that if the army were sent in, and if those terrorists were caught, we cannot charge them under the civil law.

The pseudo-goodies and greenies would, as usual, claim that since the army is used, this is war and as such the prisoners must be treated under the Geneva convention as prisoners of war… which just means that these murderers will get away scot free !

Warmest regards,

Dr Looi

nkkhoo says:

Killed them in the battlefield instead of wasting time and money to charge them in the court.

I believe many of them are holding Malaysian ICs, their crime is the treason against the king, a dead penalty in the civil and military court whether they are caught by the police or army.

My theory is Hisham wanted to make police the hero after the police image was shattered badly in the Bersih rally.

He forget the Sulu terrorists are more experienced and better armed than his police which has causing many casualties to policemen.

令吉够力 says:

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement:
“The Malaysian armed forces did not take action against the intruders from the Philippines because the militants were Muslims and that “Muslims don’t shoot fellow Muslims.”

nkkhoo says:

He also said the government thought the intrusion is an internal issue under the police because the intruders landed in Sabah.

Only the losses of eight policemen forced Hisham to eat humble pie and asked the Armed Forces to help police.

ABCD says:




Nothing says:

FIKIR,,, jika dah dapat MYCARD maksudnya dia sudah menjadi rakyat malaysia. mereka patut patuh kepada rukun negara. mereka yang mendapat mycard tetapi masih ke tempat asal dengan cara haram;. mereka sudah menjadi PENJENAYAH. mereka ini sebenarnya mempunyai NIAT BUSUK untuk menghuru harakan negara..tidak kira dia islam atau tidak.. tetap bersalah….

nkkhoo says:

Before giving them mycard, they must fulfill all conditions stipulated in the constitution, not because of they are Muslims.

Mahathir had given mycard to Sulu criminals who haunt the Sabah security now. This is called karma in Buddhism.

kaulat says:

Mahathir is THE FATHER OF MINDANO problem. He spearheaded the Sulus thru Nur Misuari to liberate the Muslim dominated Mindano from Catholic Philippines control. That way, the Philippines will have trouble in their backyard and won’t bother claiming Sabah. Mahathir, got our M-16 Rifles disposed and replace it with Steyr. All M-16s was used to train the MOROs and supplied to them. When US Marines and Philippine Army attacked Mindano they found the M-16s which had serial no. that was sold to Malaysian Government. A bunch of TUDM-HANDAU personnel trained the MORO rebels in Sabah coastal area

What’s happening in Sabah today is but the tip of the iceberg. No thanks to Project IC, another sin commited by Mahathir. There is no knowing the loyalties of the hundreds of thousands who were given citizenships on a golden platter. Will any of them join forces with the invaders (who might be related to them) or will they be against the invaders?

nkkhoo says:

Nur Misuari hated Mahathir after his love was shifted to MILF.

MNLF is the mastermind of this intrusion, the Kiram III sultan has no manpower and resources for the attack.

I call it karma for Mahathir to feel the pain of being attacked by his former friend.

Hasnim says:

Kiram intruders are now having Malaysian ICs.
How to tell the difference when they dress as civilians?
They can even take Air Asia to KL to create troubles, right?

nkkhoo says:

I have highlighted the problem in another post, some of them may be already in the army and police as the high ranking officials and foot soldiers.

Jamali MS says:

Apa penceroboh?
Orang Sulu dah lama dapat IC dan menetap di Sabah sebagai My2ndHome!

nkkhoo says:

Tanya Hisham, tujuh anggota polis dibunuh oleh siapa?

Pritam says:

kes ini agak sensitif waktu pilihanraya dan lebih maklumat boleh didapati di berita terkini di Philipines. Hisham ingat rakyat umun hanya baca NST, Utusan dan tengok TV3/RTM sahaja.

Sean says:

5 Malaysian Cops killed by intruders (pengganas???) at Sempurna today. Bocor lagi ???

鄉販 says:


KY Ong says:

The Malaysian Government has been paying RM5300 per year as rental for Sabah to the Sulu Sultanate heirs since the formation of Malaysian Federation in 1963.

If you are paying rental in a house that you are staying, then how can you be legally owning the house?

Where is the logic?

nkkhoo says:

Another simpleton’s talk, a same nonsense I see often used by Filipinos to claim that Sabah is theirs.

Which lawyer tells you by paying an annual sum to other party is solely for rental of land?

Penang is still paying a small payment to Kedah till today under the agreement of ceding Butterworth to Penang.

Are you telling me that Butterworth is owed by Kedah because of an annual “rental” [RM 18,800] sum is paid to Kedah Sultan by Penang state government?

If the agreement stipulated that an annual payment to Sulu Sultan for ceding North Borneo to a British trading company, then Malaysia must honor the payment forever.

KY Ong says:

Why must you rebut a polite question with anger?

It was the CCTV news (Astro ch 507) that mentioned the above point I made. Perhaps you were busy watching Tonton (Umno-owned)?
Maybe you could write to CCTV to show your protest to satisfy your ego?

nkkhoo says:

No true questions ask except your view point. This kind of ignorance is tantamount to betrayal against Malaysia.

Did CCTV says “If you are paying rental in a house that you are staying, then how can you be legally owning the house?”

Now you blame CCTV for your total blindness and sheer ignorance.

I am a bit smart to watch CCTV news for free with CCTV’s CBox by not paying Astro if this is another ignorance in your side.

KY Ong says:

If I do not understand the implied logic in the issue does ot mean I am ignorant. Learn to respect people’s viewpoint and not just attack for the sake of it.

Actually you are a smart person, that is why I asked you for clarification. Your explanation is appreciated but not your sarcasm.

nkkhoo says:

I did not see that “??” is your genuine questions. If you put “Khoo, what is your opinion?” which I may see it differently.

I apologize if my harsh reply has hurt you. Rest to be assured, my bashing is not against you, but to anyone with the same twisting logic to sell out Sabah.

I feel angry because such weir logic is used by Filipinos again and again to make wild claim that Sabah is theirs and many Malaysians are dancing with them for not knowing that is a betrayal.

KY Ong says:

Point taken. No hard feelings.
No misunderstanding if we seek to understand to be understood!

One qustion remained:
have all the Sulu invaders surrendered/arrested or left Sabah?
No specific mention of this by local media except ‘situation is under control’ statement.

nkkhoo says:

I do not know the situation like you. But my reading on various sources of news say many bandits and their leader are still hold up in the bush and ready to fight till last blood.

Under control does not mean all bandits are eliminated, more bloodshed I expected if no peaceful agreement for the bandits to retreat to Mindanoa.

Pritam says:

nkkhoo lebih jantan sekiranya menghulurkan kata kata apologi sedemikian. harap harap jangan cepat membuat keputusan tanpa meneliti sebelum buat rumusan.

nkkhoo says:

I will not apologize until KY Yong explained his real motif.

His comment is not question, it’s a statement. I never apologize for this.

Hasnim says:

The Sulu Sultan cannot understand the deed written in English. He ‘pajak’ Sabah to the British but the British’s contract said otherwise!

nkkhoo says:

Two type of pajak, one is permanent pajak until the leaser says otherwise or decided to return the land. Another is short-term pajak.

The Sulu Sultan lost his sovereignty rights after the sultanate was defeated by Spain. What the Malaysia paid to Sulu Sultan is annual cession fee for the property rights to a landlord like Penang is paying Kedah Sultan an annual sum of RM 18,800.

Once the Sabahans decided to join Malaysia under the referendum supervised by Cobbold Commission and the result was endorsed and accepted by the United Nations in 1963, Sabah is legally a part of Malaysia under the International Law. The case is closed.

Malaysia should stop paying cession fee after the Sabahans decided to join Malaysia, a technical mistake is used by Filipinos to haunt Malaysia.