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Another big head politician, this time is from DAP

My advice to Penang neutral voters is go vote BN in state level and vote PR in the parliament level to teach Lim Guan Eng a hard lesson like you people did to Koh Tsu Koon.

What you gain are

– Penang free port status.

– Monorail or tram project.

– NO undersea tunnel and NO new reclaimed land in Tanjung Pinang offshore.

by voting BN in the state government regardless the Federal government is under BN or PR.

More details about this mega project can be found at Anil’s blog.


The undersea tunnel project was given NO by the consultant hired by Lim Guan Eng’s government. Besides, no EIA study is conducted for this RM 8-billion mega project.

No EIA is used in the protest by DAP against BN like in Lynas rare earth and Pengerang petrochemical project.

He is rushing to award the contract to a China company shortly before the end of his term as Penang chief minister is unethical move like BN government.

How I describe Lim Guan Eng? He is transforming to a BN-like bigot after 5 years in power.

NGOs ‘no’ to Penang mega projects

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Govern­ment’s mega infrastructure projects have received the thumbs down from the state’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Representatives of the NGOs held a meeting on the state’s mega infrastructure projects with Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Komtar here yesterday and the two-hour session grew tense as the NGOs and Lim tried to get their points across.

The RM8bil worth of infrastructure projects comprise an undersea tunnel linking the island and the mainland, plus three highways on the island, which were planned to resolve traffic congestion.

Lim said the state government believed that public transportation was an ideal alternative to move people but it was under the purview of the Federal Government.

“I know you want access charges to be imposed for those who enter Penang, like the Singapore system. But, we cannot agree although it was suggested in the (Penang) Transport Master Plan. If you want to hammer us for that, go ahead,” Lim said.

Members of the Penang Forum, a coalition of progressive public interest civil society groups, called on the state government to focus on “moving people, not cars” instead.

They also questioned the rush to implement the mega projects when priority should be given to public transportation.

Blogger Anil Netto said the state should appoint an independent consultant and not let the contractor do so, otherwise the project would surely be approved.

He said the push for the mega projects was against Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto that stressed on public transportation.

Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) council member Rebecca Wilkinson-Duckett said the state government was duty-bound to look after the state’s long-term environmental sustainability as it was Penang’s biggest selling point.

PHT council member Loh-Lim Lin Lee questioned why the state was pushing for the mega projects to be implemented so close to the general election.

Penang Municipal councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui said the mega projects were not in line with the recommendations of the Penang Transport Master Plan.

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Pritam says:

kalau orang yang menetap dekat Batu Kawan tentu tidak suka tunnel yang bleh menjejaskan peleburan mereka bila commercial beralih ke Bagan Ajam. Pelik juga nkkhoo seringkali anti LGE.
Saya setuju LGE big head (buat keputusan jangka panjang untuk survival pakatan) dan CSL big head juga (bila you dah tengok cd tersebut).

nkkhoo says:

Write properly in BM…don’t insult our national language.

Sean says:

tunnel and road tolls are 2 different cataegories lah.
May be an undergound tunnel linking Spore & JB can speed up traffic as well.

nkkhoo says:

Are you telling the world that proposed undersea tunnel in Penang is toll-free?

That is a bullshit if you read every detail in the LGE’s mega project proposal.

psykongkia says:


至少换了DAP执政,也有 50%的希望可以变好!!! 

nkkhoo says:

Vote PR in the parliament, but vote BN in Penang to teach PR politicians like Lim Guan Eng a lesson that do not be another BN bigot.

psykongkia says:



nkkhoo says:

Penang voters always punish those pushing through mega project without consultation with them in the past.

Take my word, LGE will pay for the price of being a big head.

Sean says:

Do come to Padang Kota this Friday (308 5th anniversary event) to gauge the sentiments of Penangites first hand. Underground tunnel ensure revenues for the state as bridge tolls money go to you know who.

nkkhoo says:

I thought PR will be in Putrajaya after GE13 to abolish all tolls.