Sabah Under Attack >>>

Sabah under attack :: What you do if suluk terrorists beheaded our policemen?


It’s believed two policemen were captured, tortured and beheaded by Suluk terrorists during the ambush in Semporna. Malaysian government have covered up this violent and barbaric act committed by Suluk terrorists.

The terrorists wanted to create fear factor amongst our security forces.

This is the true story in Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists captured and beheaded Afghanistan soldiers.

Afghanistan soldiers revenged by beheading Taliban terrorists and warned Taliban that they will behead the same number of Taliban POW with the Afghanistan soldiers beheaded by them.

Taliban stopped the beheading practice after that because they also have the same fear of being beheaded alive.

The only way to stop Suluk terrorist beheading our people is to behead them when they are captured. If they behead two policemen, then let “unknown person” beheading two Suluk terrorists alive until they agree to stop this kind of terrorism.

Only terrorism can stop terrorism when you are facing terrorists.

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F says:

show courage show strength show pride but show no mercy!!!
-to PDRM and Malaysia soldiers

TUAH says:

i hope atm and police will kill them all (sulu bastard)

Hasnim says:

The malays in Malaysia is now in a new malay dilemma, as the police and ATM are now fighting Sulu Muslims.

Remember BN government has been supporting the Islamic Hamas terrorists agaisnt regim Yahudi for the Palastine homeland. Malaysia does not recognise Israel despite it is a nation recognised by UN.

Now those Sulu people are fighting to regain their so-called homeland in Sabah. Malays in Malaysia are now in great dilemma as the situation is similar to the Palestinian cause. Now that the Sulu intruders are invading Malaysia, the malays are still sympatetic because they are Muslim sharing the same Allah with them. Hard for them to accept the fact that Muslims can be terrorists at their doorstep.

nkkhoo says:

The terrorists can be from any religion and race, not limited to Muslims.

I am Chinese, I sympathize the Malaya Communist like Malay Muslims sympathize the Suluk Muslims. But when it come to patriotism and protecting sovereignty of the nation, there are two choices, you join the enemy or fight the enemy regardless they are same religion or same race with you.

Jam says:

But Malays are hesitant to shoot the terrorists if they are Muslim. ATM are programmed to shoot only komunis.

nkkhoo says:

The issue is the bullets from the terrorists do not differentiate you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or Kadazan.

I do not think Malay soldiers wanted to be sitting ducks and be shot by Suluk terrorists. 🙂

nkkhoo says:

Palestine case is different with the Sulu sultan’s baseless claim.

Frankly speaking, I do not call Palestine people are terrorists. Israel is the one occupied Palestine land and refused to accept resolutions passed by the United Nations.

Israel is a terrorist’s nation and only recognized by UN due to strong backing by the Western nations.

I think you should not mixing your political sentiment to deny BN support on Palestine is a RIGHT policy.

halim45 says:

Please get your bearing correct. The situation in Palestine is completely different from the situation in Malaysia. You cannot make comparison. Malaysian Government is not the aggressor and the people in Lahad Datu and Sabah are happy as it is. It is the Suluk terrorists who started the invasion and aggressive move and the the Malaysian Army and the Police are merely defending the country.

kuuberan says:

hide on top a big tree.shoot them by using sniper

nkkhoo says:

The commandos are more expertise than laymen in war. The real battlefield is not strike force computer game where you “piang piang….” to finish off your enemies.

These Suluk terrorists were learning guerrilla warfare from Malaysian army, the masters know how to defeat the students, just give Malaysian army time to complete their mission.

FYI, Philippine army still could not defeat these terrorists after 40 years of war with them.