Sabah Under Attack >>>

Sabah will be in turbulence for many years. Why? Ask Mahathir and UMNO.

sulu people in Sabah

The Sulu terrorists are hiding in the Sulu community as the rakyat Malaysia in one moment and the gunmen in another moment.

How you fight elusive enemy in your backyard unless you are resorting to same terrorism to behead those suspects. Unfortunately Malaysia as a sovereign nation cannot copy the terrorist’s tactics.

If only 1% of them supports the Sulu Sultan’s claim on Sabah sovereignty, there are 8,000 Sulu people with dual nationalities right inside the Sabah are awaiting the right moment to attack and kill anyone.

Go blame Mahathir and UMNO’s project IC and loose immigration policy for taking in 800,000 legal and illegal Sulu Muslims in Sabah.

Be prepared for another Sulu insurgency like the Communist insurgency in West Malaysia. The Malaya Communist’s insurgency failed because 99% Chinese against the Communist’s violent revolution, but it still took 40 years to resolve the problem.

BN government and Malaysians only hope is to pray 99% Sulu people in Sabah are loyal to Malaysia, then we may see a peaceful Sabah after 40 years later.

Local Muslims who sympathize Sulu people should learn a new word and its meaning, KARMA from the Buddhism to avoid same mistake in future.

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