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Lim Guan Eng is finding excuse for empty promise in the local council election


Penang state government can call local council elections through MPPP and the state government appoints those candidates with higher votes like the current procedure to appoint PR political eunuchs for the councilor posts.

MPPP did conduct a poorly organized local council election, but the state government appointed some losers and PR members not contested in the election.

If the state government can donate two proton cars in the lucky draw for voters who casted their vote in the local council election, the turnout will be in thousands, not hundreds as we have seen.

Taking the case to court is for Lim Guan Eng to proclaim that, “See! Nothing I can do, go blame the Federal government for not conducting local elections”.

Why such legal action was not taken four years ago?

Penang petitions apex court over local govt polls

PUTRAJAYA: The Penang state government filed a petition at the Federal Court registry here Monday, seeking valid authorisation to conduct local government elections within the state.

The state government, together with P. Ramakrishnan as the second petitioner, named the Malaysian Government and the Elections Commission as respondents.

(Ramakrishnan is a former president of non-governmental organisation Aliran.)

They filed the petition as well as a leave application to initiate court proceedings on the matter through the firm Messrs Tommy Thomas.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and lawyer Tommy Thomas, who represented the state, were present during filing.

It was reported earlier that Lim said local government elections in the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) and Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) should be restored as it was a state matter.

“The state legislature has jurisdiction to hold local government elections under the Ninth Schedule and Article 113(4) of the Federal Constitution.

“The state has informed the EC that the Local Government Elections (Penang Island and Province Wellesley) Enactment 2012 would come into force in Penang by Jan 31 this year.

“However, the state failed to obtain any commitment from the EC to conduct the elections for MPPP and MPSP in accordance with the enactment,” he said.

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