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Sulu Terrorists in East Malaysia vs UMNO Terrorists in West Malaysia

One is attacking Sabah government while another one is attacking Penang government under the nose of police.

The similarity is these terrorists are all peaceful people according to Hisham and Malaysian police.

This may explain Malaysian police always closed an eye and allowed UMNO terrorists to attack and insult a legitimate state government in Penang.

UMNO Terrorists in Penang


UMNO Terrorists in Terengganu


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Ron says:

be careful with words as Umno can use Sedition Act to make you the cell-mate of Tian Chua at Bkt Aman.

nkkhoo says:

I very scare now…LOL

ks tan says:

Komtar traders are so used to such Fri demo.
The ‘terrorists’ last week shook Komtar gomen office glass wall when they were refused entry to demo at LGE.
Some said they got the enery from eating Nasi Kandar Beratur at Pitt St – the same one where Najib/Rosmah enjoyed so much during their last trip.
Hav you tried Nasi Kandar Beratur ????

nkkhoo says:

I tried Liner nasi kandar since I landed in Penang in early 90s.