Sabah Under Attack >>>

Why no bullet proof jackets for soldiers and policemen in the front-line?

Sabah under attack updates in Google News.


policemen manning coastline in Sabah


Malaysian government is so poor until no budget to buy basic protective and safety gears for the front-line soldiers and policemen?

This is another “mati katak” style of sending our security personnel to battlefield.

None of American soldiers go to front-line battlefield without wearing bullet proof jacket.

A half of money allocated for Mindef and Interior Ministry must be “sapu” by UMNO politicians through rent-seeking contracts to UMNO cronies.

Those people stealing money supposed for the nation defence budget are betrayers, a crime worst than terrorism by the external elements.

The first thing PR (if elected to Putrajaya) must do is to investigate all defence contracts and drag out the betrayers.

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Khai says:

Former deputy army chief Lt-Gen (R) Datuk Abd Ghafir Abd Hamid said “there was a total and complete failure of intelligence. Our intelligence unit has not been functioning until now… our capability in terms of external foreign intelligence, our strength and assets have instead been used for POLITICAL OPERATIONS since 2000… When intelligence fails, we have a breach of our waters,”

Khai says:

1.Why didnt the government put in more security measures in the East Coast of Sabah when there have been so many cases of kidnappings and killings by the foreigners?

2.Why did the government give out thousands of ICs to these foreigners under Project IC as has been revealed through the ongoing RCI hearings?

3.Why was the invasion not even detected by our intelligence and security forces?

4. Why did the government initially treated these terrorists with kid’s gloves and say they are not terrorists or militants?.

5.Why send in the police first when it was an external invasion by an army that wants to lay claim to Sabah?

nkkhoo says:

Hisham and Zaid have to resign immediately if they are ministers in Japan or Korea.