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Namewee finally sees through the true color of politicians


My comment on politician is worst than prostitute is still hold the water.

Politicians are only interested to help you when

1. The publicity gain is worth their time and resources to help you.

2. The public opinion tilts to their favor by helping you.

Politician’s promise only be delivered to fulfill above two conditions.

There is no such thing politician comes to help you as a Samaritan. Of course, there is always got few exceptions.













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jhf says:

Why give free publicity to him?
Are you endorsing him now?

nkkhoo says:

I have freedom to write what I want to write in my blog.

jessebell says:

more by-products of namewee in the making ???
once a person sold his soul, hard to redeem it back ???

The rubbish song link is deleted.

is this the pride of Muar ?

nkkhoo says:

He is not a hero, he is just a cunning businessman to follow tide.

jessebell says:

many local artists got to show alliance to the authority to get jo opportunities (eg appearance at TV3 jom heboh concert or various stage shows or movie deals linked to gomen).
namewee these days talk east talk west very less. some say he is asked to remain silent until ge13 is over. carrots dangling is maybe a finas-sponsored movie for him ? a better movie screening time slot for his next movie ? namewee’s father is a mca grassroot supporter so for now he has become an obedient son.

ken says:

kulai people awaiting yb liew chin tong’s arrival.
nk if got update let us know the situation in johor.
i am neutral but eager to know the development in johor – very hot now.


以前那个黄大侠死了, 现在变成国阵的肥猪宠物狗.
以前没肉吃, 所以一直吠, 现在国阵油水多, 当然当哈巴狗啦!

nkkhoo says:

A standard attack from DAP’s red guard army.

Ron says:


nkkhoo says:

We may dislike Namewee, but he is a master in manipulating public media for his own business promotion.

He made more money than many of us in such a short period.