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Many posers to the cunning Chief Minister about PR's mega project in Penang


Lim Guan Eng was telling lies about the open tender and EIA processes in the mega project.

He knows many irregularities in the project, but he tries to use his so-called popularity in Penang to bulldoze through the project by saying he lets the Penang voters to decide his fate.

If you vote him in, meaning you agree he can do whatever he wants and act above the law like BN politicians.

Questions remain over Penang mega project

PETALING JAYA: The Penang state government has failed to provide convincing answers to the controversial RM6.3mil mega project, said activist Ong Eu Soon.

Ong said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had during a dialogue showed a presentation slide that the first request for proposals (RFP) for the project was called as “per schedule” while a second RFP was subsequently called in October last year.

“There were more than 200 participants who bear witness to this,” he said.

According to the pre-qualification document, the technical evaluation should be carried out in July 2012, he said.

“There is no way that a second RFP was called on July 6 last year before all the proposals were thoroughly studied,” said Ong, who is former Aliran executive council member.

He was responding to a statement from state Public Works, Utilities and Transport Committee chairman Lim Hock Seng that consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd was awarded the undersea tunnel and road projects in Penang according to procedures.

Hock Seng had said that the RFP for the projects was called from July 6 to Oct 15 while the consortium was set up on July 5. The letter of intent was given to the consortium on Feb 6.

On Wednesday, Ong had urged Guan Eng to clarify how the mega project was awarded to a company that was only formed after the closing date for the submission of proposal in June 2012 as stated in the pre-qualification exercise document prepared by the Penang State Economic Planning Unit for the bidders.

Yesterday, he also questioned why there was no publication in the media and newspapers if there had only been a single RFP.

“If there was only a single RFP, why was there no publication in the media and newspapers regarding the deviation from the original schedule?

“Why did the state government give two different versions of the story in clarifying the irregularity in the tender process?” he asked.

Since the MoU was signed in April 2011 without any preliminary study, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) or consultation with the National Physical Planning Council, Ong claimed that the pre-qualification exercise was “bulldozed” through on Nov 15, 2011.

The awarding of the letter of intent, he said, was in total disregard to the Town and Country Planning Act and in total contempt to the council.

He said Guan Eng, who was championing for a greener and cleaner Penang, had finally revealed his true colour by opting for an unsustainable transport solution that would not resolve traffic woes in the state.

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