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High speed rail cost is exaggerated by Malaysia kini

KL Singapore high speed rail

Malaysiakini is using Australian model to estimate HSR cost at RM80 billion.

Let’s use the Beijing to Shanghai bullet train as the benchmark. Its total project cost is 17 billion USD [53 billion] for 1,100 km long rail. A mileage cost is RM 48.24 million.

The projected total cost for 354-km Kuala Lumpur to Singapore high speed rail is RM 17.1 billion.

Of course if you ask UMNO crony to build HSR, the cost will be balloned to RM 100 billion like KVMRT project.

I do not understand how the HSR can cut through Muar coastal city unless SPAD want to add extra 50km rail to divert the line. Tangkak is the more appropriate stop compared to Muar city.

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